AirDragonButton AirRiftDragonButton
Air Air Rift
WillowDragonButton PollenDragonButton BlazingDragonButton
Willow Pollen Blazing
SmokeDragonButton SandstormDragonButton DodoDragonButton
Smoke Sandstorm Dodo
SnowDragonButton BlizzardDragonButton SonicDragonButton
Snow Blizzard Sonic
ThunderDragonButton FogDragonButton RainDragonButton
Thunder Fog Rain
ChromeDragonButton MeteorDragonButton WindDragonButton
Chrome Meteor Wind
HypnoticDragonButton MiasmaDragonButton HowlDragonButton
Hypnotic Miasma Howl

OrchidDragonButton InfernoDragonButton SmolderDragonButton
Orchid+ Inferno+ Smolder+
JetstreamDragonButton CycloneDragonButton VortexDragonButton
Jetstream+ Cyclone+ Vortex+
BubbleDragonButton VerdigrisDragonButton HaloDragonButton
Bubble+ Verdigris+ Halo+

PanlongDragonButton ButterflyDragonButton FireworkDragonButton
Panlong* Butterfly* Firework*
RoseDragonButton TerradiemDragonButton LibertyDragonButton
Rose* Terradiem* Liberty*
KiteDragonButton BicentennialDragonButton BlazingGaleDragonButton
Kite* Bicentennial* Blazing Gale*
FlurryDragonButton RosegoldDragonButton SumiDragonButton
Flurry* Rosegold* Sumi*

Special Notes - Limited & Golden Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


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