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LichenDragonButton EvergreenDragonButton FrostfireDragonButton
Lichen Evergreen Frostfire
BlueFireDragonButton MountainDragonButton GlacierDragonButton
Blue Fire Mountain Glacier
StormDragonButton HailDragonButton IceDragonButton
Storm Hail Ice
IcebergDragonButton SnowDragonButton BlizzardDragonButton
Iceberg Snow Blizzard
MineDragonButton SteelDragonButton PhantomDragonButton
Mine Steel Phantom
GlareDragonButton RuinDragonButton CryptDragonButton
Glare Ruin Crypt

ConiferDragonButton ArcticDragonButton PermafrostDragonButton
Conifer+ Arctic+ Permafrost+
TempestDragonButton ColdforgeDragonButton CandescentDragonButton
Tempest+ Coldforge+ Candescent+
FluorescentDragonButton FrostbiteDragonButton
Fluorescent+ Frostbite+

ReindeerDragonButton BloomDragonButton PaperDragonButton
Reindeer* Bloom* Paper*
GhostDragonButton GiftDragonButton CenturyDragonButton
Ghost* Gift* Century*
BeardedDragonButton MistletoeDragonButton LeatheryDragonButton
Bearded* Mistletoe* Leathery*
NosferatuDragonButton FaireDragonButton SpectreDragonButton
Nosferatu* Faire* Spectre*
LycanDragonButton HollyDragonButton RegiftDragonButton
Lycan* Holly* Regift*
ShieldDragonButton IcyTorrentDragonButton WyrmwoodDragonButton
Shield* Icy Torrent* Wyrmwood*
DecayDragonButton ThicketDragonButton ThundersnowDragonButton
Decay* Thicket* Thundersnow*
FlurryDragonButton SnowbrushDragonButton TrinketDragonButton
Flurry* Snowbrush* Trinket*
EpochDragonButton AmbrosiaDragonButton
Epoch* Ambrosia*

Special Notes - Limited & Golden Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


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