Each crystalline dragon has only one breeding combination.

Each of these dragons has a very low chance of being bred.

BariteDragonButton OkeniteDragonButton QuartzDragonButton
Barite Okenite Quartz
(January-February) (February-March) (March-April)
WavelyteDragonButton AzuriteDragonButton LabradoriteDragonButton
Wavelyte Azurite Labradorite
(April-May) (May-June) (June-July)
JasperDragonButton TourmalineDragonButton BismuthDragonButton
Jasper Tourmaline Bismuth
(July-August) (August-September) (September-October)
SanguiniteDragonButton MesoliteDragonButton PyriteDragonButton
Sanguinite Mesolite Pyrite
(October-November) (November-December) (December-January)


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