FungusDragonButton NightshadeDragonButton WatchDragonButton
Fungus Nightshade Watch
DungeonDragonButton RootDragonButton CaveDragonButton
Dungeon Root Cave
RuinDragonButton CryptDragonButton SparkDragonButton
Ruin Crypt Spark
WraithDragonButton AbyssDragonButton OozeDragonButton
Wraith Abyss Ooze
MiasmaDragonButton HowlDragonButton PromethiumDragonButton
Miasma Howl Promethium
AcidDragonButton MirageDragonButton ShadowDragonButton
Acid Mirage Shadow

SnapperDragonButton BrambleDragonButton CharDragonButton
Snapper+ Bramble+ Char+
SubterraneanDragonButton FissureDragonButton FrostbiteDragonButton
Subterranean+ Fissure+ Frostbite+
WispDragonButton DarklingDragonButton TrenchDragonButton
Wisp+ Darkling* Trench+

DarkRiftDragonButton GourdDragonButton TidalDragonButton
Dark Rift* Gourd* Tidal*
NeotericDragonButton HiddenBoltDragonButton NightbloomDragonButton
Neoteric* Hidden Bolt* Nightbloom*

Special Notes - Limited & Golden Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


  • Dark Dragons In-Game Notification
  • Dark Dragons Notification
  • Dark Dragons Coming Soon!
  • Dark Dragons has nearly returned!
  • Light and Dark Event Success Facebook Notification
  • Light and Dark Event Success Facebook Message
  • Dark Water and Air Hybrids In-Game Notification
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Notification
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Message


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Dragons Breeding Eggs Buildings Islands Habitats Decorations Friends

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