EarthDragonButton EarthRiftDragonButton
Earth Earth Rift
Common Hybrid Dragons
MossDragonButton TreeDragonButton LavaDragonButton
Moss Tree Lava
ObsidianDragonButton MountainDragonButton GlacierDragonButton
Obsidian Mountain Glacier
QuakeDragonButton CrystalDragonButton MudDragonButton
Quake Crystal Mud
RiverDragonButton SandstormDragonButton DodoDragonButton
River Sandstorm Dodo
IronDragonButton ScoriaDragonButton SandDragonButton
Iron Scoria Sand
GlassDragonButton RootDragonButton CaveDragonButton
Glass Root Cave

Golden Hybrid Dragons
ForestDragonButton SootDragonButton ArcticDragonButton
Forest+ Soot+ Arctic+
PermafrostDragonButton GeodeDragonButton QuicksandDragonButton
Permafrost+ Geode+ Quicksand+
PlainsDragonButton 150px SubterraneanDragonButton
Plains+ Arid+ Subterranean+

Rift Hybrid Dragons
EarthRiftDragonButton AlpenglowDragonButton 150px
Earth Rift(=) Alpenglow(=) Thunderbird(=)

Limited Hybrid Dragons
BoneDragonButton PanlongDragonButton CloverDragonButton
Bone* Panlong* Clover*
SakuraDragonButton PaperDragonButton GhostDragonButton
Sakura* Paper* Ghost*
CenturyDragonButton TerradiemDragonButton BeardedDragonButton
Century* Terradiem* Bearded*
CottonDragonButton MistletoeDragonButton CarnivalDragonButton
Cotton* Mistletoe* Carnival*
ArborDragonButton LeatheryDragonButton NosferatuDragonButton
Arbor* Leathery* Nosferatu*
GourdDragonButton CoalDragonButton TidalDragonButton
Gourd* Coal* Tidal*
GarlandDragonButton TrickDragonButton OrtreatDragonButton
Garland* Trick* Ortreat*
SpectreDragonButton HarvestDragonButton FeastDragonButton
Spectre* Harvest* Feast*
HollyDragonButton ShieldDragonButton NetherDragonButton
Holly* Shield* Nether*
MountainSunDragonButton WyrmwoodDragonButton GardenDragonButton
Mountain Sun* Wyrmwood* Garden*
DecayDragonButton ThicketDragonButton HarvestMoonDragonButton
Decay* Thicket* Harvest Moon*
ThundersnowDragonButton EpochDragonButton AmbrosiaDragonButton
Thundersnow* Epoch* Ambrosia*
CuddlewingDragonButton SumiDragonButton 150px
Cuddlewing* Sumi* Ironwrought*
150px 150px 150px
Oni* Dracabra* Gargoyle*
150px 150px 150px
Spirit* Nesting* Teozinte*

Special Notes - Limited, Golden,& Rift Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
A plus (=) indicates that the dragon is a rift hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


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