FireDragonButton FireRiftDragonButton
Fire Fire Rift
Common Hybrid Dragons
PoisonDragonButton FlowerDragonButton LavaDragonButton
Poison Flower Lava
ObsidianDragonButton FrostfireDragonButton BlueFireDragonButton
Obsidian Frostfire Blue Fire
FireflyDragonButton ScorchDragonButton CoralDragonButton
Firefly Scorch Coral
SalamanderDragonButton BlazingDragonButton SmokeDragonButton
Salamander Blazing Smoke
BrassDragonButton ForgeDragonButton EmberDragonButton
Brass Forge Ember
HeatDragonButton WatchDragonButton DungeonDragonButton
Heat Watch Dungeon

Golden Hybrid Dragons
PepperDragonButton SootDragonButton SteamDragonButton
Pepper+ Soot+ Steam+
InfernoDragonButton SmolderDragonButton MoltenDragonButton
Inferno+ Smolder+ Molten+
SulfurDragonButton InfraredDragonButton CharDragonButton
Sulfur+ Infrared+ Char+

Rift Hybrid Dragons
FireRiftDragonButton BlightwingDragonButton 150px
Fire Rift(=) Blightwing(=) Plumewing(=)

Limited Hybrid Dragons
BoneDragonButton PanlongDragonButton LoveDragonButton
Bone* Panlong* Love*
SakuraDragonButton ButterflyDragonButton FireworkDragonButton
Sakura* Butterfly* Firework*
PaperDragonButton GiftDragonButton RoseDragonButton
Paper* Gift* Rose*
MotleyDragonButton BouquetDragonButton CottonDragonButton
Motley* Bouquet* Cotton*
CarnivalDragonButton LeatheryDragonButton NosferatuDragonButton
Carnival* Leathery* Nosferatu*
BicentennialDragonButton GourdDragonButton CoalDragonButton
Bicentennial* Gourd* Coal*
GarlandDragonButton TrickDragonButton OrtreatDragonButton
Garland* Trick* Ortreat*
RegiftDragonButton NetherDragonButton BlazingGaleDragonButton
Regift* Nether* Blazing Gale*
WyrmwoodDragonButton BogDragonButton DecayDragonButton
Wyrmwood* Bog* Decay*
TrinketDragonButton AmbrosiaDragonButton CuddlewingDragonButton
Trinket* Ambrosia* Cuddlewing*
RosegoldDragonButton SumiDragonButton 150px
Rosegold* Sumi* Dracabra*
150px 150px 150px
Nesting* Seraph* Bounteous*
150px 150px 150px
Candlecrown* Woolen* Krampus*
150px 150px 150px
Kringle* Sleighbell* Jingle*

Special Notes - Limited, Golden,& Rift Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
A plus (=) indicates that the dragon is a rift hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


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