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Important Effective September 13, 2016
Game Center Stopped Functioning With The Release of iOS10

iOS 7 & Later - iOS 6 & Earlier

DragonVale includes support for the Game Center feature introduced in Apple iOS 4.1. Through Game Center, players can visit each others' islands and earn achievements.

In Game Center, players can also see their highest achieved park value under "High Scores"..

Some DragonVale Wikians are investigating park value here.

In addition to these, it is vital that you have Game Center to actually play DragonVale, as the game is online only and the highest known score for each park is saved to the Game Center server. Moreover, the actual game data is syncronized online with Backflip Studios' Amazon S3 server using your Game Center ID as the unique identifier for the park data.

The application for Game Center is impossible to download because it is preloaded onto your iPad/iPod/iPhone. You can only move the application around.


Players can add other users on Game Center to visit their islands and send them gems. Dragoncash can be earned when visiting other players' islands by tapping party hat icons over select habitats.


DragonVale features 18 achievements. These are NOT to be confused with the in-game goals.

The achievements are:

  • Level 5 Park
  • Level 10 Park
  • Level 15 Park
  • Level 20 Park
  • Level 10 Dragon
  • Double Rainbow All the Way!
  • Every Last One
  • Breeder
  • Plant Competitor
  • Earth Competitor
  • Fire Competitor
  • Cold Competitor
  • Lightning Competitor
  • Water Competitor
  • Air Competitor
  • Metal Competitor
  • Light Competitor
  • Dark Competitor

Age Requirement

  • Age Requirement Message (Android)
  • Age Requirement Message (iOS)
  • After the update on July 24, 2013, some players are asked for their birthday when they first log in after this change.
    • This may have to do with sharing completed goals through Facebook and Twitter which require users to be at least thirteen years old to hold an account.


  • On September 18, 2013, the Game Center icon was modified in Apple's Software Update, iOS 7.0.
    • This version of the Game Center does not have the "Today" and "This Week" scores on the scores menu of games.


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