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This log will be updated as changes to the content of DragonVale are made.

3.11-Current - 3.0-3.10 - 2.0-2.10 - 1.11-1.17 - 1.1-1.10

Most Recent Update

Updates 3.11-Current

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Update 3.12.0

Part 1 (25 January, 2017)

  • Gardenia's Gathering of Roses is blossoming once more! Beginning on January 26th, collect Roses to spend on a pile o' prizes--including new dragons!
    • At least four new dragons:
      • Cuddlewing
      • Ambrosia
      • Stoneheart
      • Rosegold
    • Game on in Gardenia's Gamery with Vale-favorite games: Make-a-Match and Dragon Drop
    • Earn daily Roses and rewards at the Presentium Compendium
    • Enter your dragons in the Rose Ring to win Roses in cooperative challenges
    • Introducting the Large Aura Habitat---holds 6 aura dragons!
    • Prettify your park with Gardenia's hand-picked decorations

  • New Event Icon
  • New Loading Screen background

Part 2 (26 January, 2017)

Gardenia's Gathering of Roses began!

Part 3 (28 January, 2017)

Part 4 (1 February, 2017)

Part 5 (3 February, 2017)

Part 6 (5 February, 2017)

Part 7 (7 February, 2017)

Part 8 (13 February, 2017)

Part 9 (14 February, 2017)

Part 10 (15 February, 2017)

Update 3.11.0

Part 1 (14 December, 2016)

  • Hark! Is that snow in the air? And the delectable scent of a cauldronful of hot cocoa? It must be the fantastical Frosty Jubilee! With winter upon the Vale, what snowy surprises have the witches and wizards whipped up?
    • Five new snow-inspired dragons:
      • Snowbrush Dragon
      • Flurry Dragon
      • Thundersnow Dragon
      • Tinsel Dragon
      • Ribbon Dragon
    • TWO surprise limited-time dragons
    • Iceberry Rush, the tap-tastic berry-blasting minigame
    • New whimsically wintry decorations and a "cool" new path
    • Daily rewards to unwrap in the Chilly Chronograph
    • Dragon challenges to tackle with friends in the Snowy Stadium
    • Color Cubes to help you show off your decorator prowess
    • On the heels of the 16th Island, yet another island to expand your park
    • Introducing Zola's Reward Chronicle, a new way to be rewarded each day you check in... and this one remains after the Frosty Jubilee ends! (Did we mention there's a Wish?)

Part 2 (15 December, 2016)

The Frosty Jubilee began!

Bring 'Em Back began!

  • Every limited game item became available to breed or buy for a limited time.

Part 3 (21 December, 2016)

Part 4 (23 December, 2016)

Part 5 (24 December, 2016)

Part 6 (27 December, 2016)

Part 7 (29 December, 2016)

Part 8 (31 December, 2016)

Part 9 (5 January, 2017)

Part 10 (18 January, 2017)

Part 11 (25 January, 2017)

Future Updates

To the DragonVale Wiki Users:

  • We do not know about what will be released in future updates.
  • We do not know when new dragons or other game content will be released.
  • We do not know when future updates will occur.
  • Information will only be posted once it has been released in the game.
From the DragonVale Wiki Staff

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