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Last edited on January 9, 2014
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Gems can be purchased in the treasure section of the market.

Gems are used to speed up the time it takes to:

AND can be spent to:

Gem Prices

The purchase price for gems are constant throughout game progression. Gems can be purchased for:

Name Amount of Gems Prices
Pile of Gems 50 £1.49


Sack of Gems 130 £2.99 $4.99 €4.49
Bag of Gems 275 £6.99 $9.99 €8.99
Box of Gems 700 £17.49 $24.99 €21.99
Chest of Gems 1,500 £34.99 $49.99 €44.99
Trunk of Gems 3,750 £69.99 $99.99 €89.99

Gem Value

One gem is equal to whatever time is left up to an hour. This means if there is 02:03:00 (hh:mm:ss) left for the egg to hatch or breed, it will cost three gems to finish it (2 's for the hours + 1 for the 3 minutes). However, if you wait four minutes until 01:59:00 it will only cost two gems. There is a glitch that allows players to spend one gem when the timer shows 00:00:00.

Obtaining Gems

Free gems can be received via friends who gift. Up to 500 gems can be received daily (assuming 500 friends willing to gift) but only three gems a day can be sent to people on a player's friends list. See the Strategies page for additional information on gifting gems.

  • The Dragonsai Gifting Tree can be purchased for 100 gems and will allow the player to give away three additional gems per day.

Free gems can also be obtained by winning in the Colosseum. A silver trophy awards two gem and a gold trophy awards five gem. A bronze trophy does not award any gem.

Gems can be obtained by getting the Gold Treasure chest (which is done by coming in first place in a race) at the Dragon Track. Awards can include one to two gems.

Gems can be earned with Gemstone Dragons in the Gemstone Island

Gems can be obtained if a goal that requires the user to breed an epic, oppositegemstonePepper, or Forest dragon is completed. The gems awarded range from one to five, depending on the difficulty of the particular dragon in question to breed.

As of March 26, 2013, gems can also be obtained by sharing the completion of some goals on Facebook or Twitter.

For DragonVale's 1 year anniversary, Backflip Studios gave 25 free gems to the accounts of those who logged in between September 14, 2012 and September 17, 2012.

Between June 20, 2013 and June 23, 2013, Backflip Studios offered 30% free gems with every purchase, exclusive to Google Play users. The announcement had a typographical error, in that it indicated "July" rather than "June".

For DragonVale's 2 year anniversary, Backflip Studios gave 25 free gems to the accounts of those who logged in from September 13, 2013, onwards by entering "2years" into the Redeem Code Screen and following the steps to collect the gift.

Gems Needed Per Level

The amount of gems per level can be found here on the Dragons page.

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  • On May 1, 2013, bonus banners were added to purchasable gems in the Treasure section of the market.
    • On May 2, 2013, the bonus banners changed.
  • On October 9, 2013, Backflip Studios added a note in the Treasure section.

Please be reminded that the Friends page is the ONLY acceptable place outside of a user's profile and personal pages for friend and gem requests to be posted.

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