Hybrid dragons are dragons that have two or more elements. Some hybrid dragons have opposite elements; those dragons can be more difficult to breed.

PlantElementFlagFireElementFlag EarthElementFlagColdElementFlagLightningElementFlagWaterElementFlagAirElementFlag MetalElementFlag LightElementFlag DarkElementFlag

Plant Fire Earth Cold Lightning Water Air Metal Light Dark

Plant Iconb - Fire Iconb - Earth Iconb - Cold Iconb - Lightning Iconb - Water Iconb - Air Iconb - Metal Iconb - Light Iconb - Dark Iconb

Special Notes - Limited & Golden Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited.
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
Check their respective individual pages for availability.


  • On June 27, 2013, all hybrid dragons received their own unique design of infobox.

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