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Legendary Nursery

Available Level 2
Buy Coin template N/A
Sell Coin template N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Size Unique
Element Legendary
Dragon Capacity 1
Upgradable From N/A Currency Capacity Coin template N/A
Upgradable To Stage 2 Building Time Instant
Game Description
Dragon eggs are large and require lots of care. It takes a special blend of magic and tender loving care to get these babies cracking.

Collect the parchment fragments to complete the Scroll of Summoning! For more information, see the Help menu. The nursery can be upgraded to hold up to 4 dragon eggs.

Update Note: The Legendary Nursery has no Market stage as it has to be transformed from Nursery during the Legendary Nursery tutorial.

Update Note: Once the Nest of Nurturing is summoned to reach Stage 3, Gaia will appear.

Update Note: The Legendary Nursery serves as a habitat to the Legendary Dragon, Gaia.


Main article: Quests

Quests are another way to obtain artifacts besides racing. These can be accessed if you have or not obtained Gaia already. Quests have no cost to enter a dragon into them. Rewards include Treats, dragoncash, Gems, Experience, and artifacts. Using the recommended elements will increase your chances of earning artifacts.


  • Legendary Nursery Tutorial Part 1
  • Legendary Nursery Tutorial Part 2
  • Legendary Nursery Tutorial Part 3
  • Legendary Nursery Goal Complete Message
  • Quest button


  • The Legendary Nursery was released on April 13, 2016, along with Gaia.
  • Upon transforming the Nursery, artifacts must be assembled to enable summoning Gaia. There are three ways to acquire the artifacts:
    • You can send your dragons on Quests, which require the user to send a dragon on a quest to collect rewards including dragoncash, treats, experience, gems, and artifacts.
      • Quests are completed in different time frames, unlike the Colosseum which has a standard time frame of 24 hours.
      • The recommended elements can be seen in the dragon select screen on the top corners before entering a quest.
      • Quests take between 2 hours and 16 hours to complete, although they can be sped up with gems.
    • You can receive fragments from Dragon Track racing.
    • You can purchase fragments with gems.

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