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MeadowDragonButton LuminousDragonButton EmberDragonButton
Meadow Luminous Ember
HeatDragonButton SandDragonButton GlassDragonButton
Heat Sand Glass
PhantomDragonButton GlareDragonButton FlashDragonButton
Phantom Glare Flash
GammaDragonButton LotusDragonButton ShimmerDragonButton
Gamma Lotus Shimmer
WindDragonButton HypnoticDragonButton PalladiumDragonButton
Wind Hypnotic Palladium
RadiantDragonButton MirageDragonButton ShadowDragonButton
Radiant Mirage Shadow

PlainsDragonButton CandescentDragonButton FluorescentDragonButton
Plains+ Candescent+ Fluorescent+
150px LagoonDragonButton NectarDragonButton
Shining+ Lagoon+ Nectar+
HaloDragonButton IridescentDragonButton MirrorDragonButton
Halo+ Iridescent+ Mirror+

LightRiftDragonButton DarkRiftDragonButton FeastDragonButton
Light Rift* Dark Rift* Feast*
NeotericDragonButton MountainSunDragonButton SnowbrushDragonButton
Neoteric* Mountain Sun* Snowbrush*

Special Notes - Limited & Golden Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


  • Light Dragons Facebook Notification
  • Light Dragons Facebook Message
  • Light Dragons In-Game Notification
  • Light Dragons In-Game Notification
  • Last Call to cast Magic Push Notification
  • Light Dragons Are Coming Soon!
  • Light Magic has nearly won!
  • Light Magic has returned!
  • Light and Dark Event Success Facebook Notification
  • Light and Dark Event Success Facebook Message
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Notification
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Message


Dragons Heart Purpleeggbutton Buildings Island Habitatsbutton Decorations WhiteSocialIcon
Dragons Breeding Eggs Buildings Islands Habitats Decorations Friends

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