MetalDragonButton MetalRiftDragonButton
Metal Metal Rift
Common Hybrid Dragons
MalachiteDragonButton IronwoodDragonButton BrassDragonButton
Malachite Ironwood Brass
ForgeDragonButton IronDragonButton ScoriaDragonButton
Forge Iron Scoria
MineDragonButton SteelDragonButton MagneticDragonButton
Mine Steel Magnetic
CopperDragonButton RustDragonButton QuicksilverDragonButton
Copper Rust Quicksilver
ChromeDragonButton MeteorDragonButton PalladiumDragonButton
Chrome Meteor Palladium
RadiantDragonButton PromethiumDragonButton AcidDragonButton
Radiant Promethium Acid

Golden Hybrid Dragons
ThornDragonButton MoltenDragonButton SulfurDragonButton
Thorn* Molten+ Sulfur+
ColdforgeDragonButton LodestoneDragonButton ConchDragonButton
Coldforge+ Lodestone+ Conch+
VerdigrisDragonButton MirrorDragonButton
Verdigris+ Mirror+

Rift Hybrid Dragons
MetalRiftDragonButton SporeDragonButton
Metal Rift(=) Spore(=)

Limited Hybrid Dragons
BeardedDragonButton LibertyDragonButton KiteDragonButton
Bearded* Liberty* Kite*
FaireDragonButton NetherDragonButton IronBlossomDragonButton
Faire* Nether* Iron Blossom*
RosegoldDragonButton 150px
Rosegold* Ironwrought*

Special Notes - Limited, Golden,& Rift Hybrid Dragons
An asterisk * indicates that the dragon is limited
A plus + indicates that the dragon is a golden hybrid.
A plus (=) indicates that the dragon is a rift hybrid.
Check the respective individual pages for availability


  • Metal Dragons In-Game Notification
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Notification
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Facebook Message
  • Light and Dark Metal Hybrids Notification


  • Of the non-limited hybrid metal dragons, all of the dragons with metal as their primary element are named after actual metals (for example Copper, Brass), whereas all of the dragons with metal as their secondary element are named after a more abstract, but related, idea (for example, Magnetic, Forge). The only exception to this is Malachite, which is a mineral containing copper, not a metal itself.

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