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The Mythic Egg Hunt was a special, limited time event by DragonVale which required players to collect Mythical Eggs and trade them at the Burcadian Bazaar to receive prizes.

Mythical Eggs needed to be collected and traded at the Burcadian Bazaar. Each prize required a certain amount of Mythical Eggs to be traded in to be earned.

Prize Individual Cost
First Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 135
Second Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 135
Plateau Pedestal* Epic egg template 240
Third Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 245
Fourth Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 245
Fifth Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 305
Sixth Monolith Pedestal* Epic egg template 305
Pond Pedestal* Epic egg template 420
Monolith Reward Habitat* Epic egg template 1,500
First Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 1,795
Second Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 1,795
Plateau Dragon* Epic egg template 3,495
Third Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 3,585
Fourth Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 3,585
Fifth Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 4,480
Sixth Monolith Dragon* Epic egg template 4,480
Pond Dragon* Epic egg template 6,345
Prize Individual Cost
Chrysalis Pedestal Epic egg template 210
Overgrown Path Epic egg template 250
Duskwing Pedestal Epic egg template 270
Arc de Trieggs Epic egg template 350
Tansy Pedestal Epic egg template 560
Chrysalis Habitat Epic egg template 1,000
Chrysalis Dragon Epic egg template 1,495
Hidden Habitat Epic egg template 1,500
Egg of Mystery Epic egg template 1,795
Duskwing Dragon Epic egg template 1,995
Tansy Dragon Epic egg template 4,300
Prize Individual Cost
Lacewing Pedestal Epic egg template 285
Stoneshell Pedestal Epic egg template 685
The Burcadian Monolith Epic egg template 995
Stone of Eggchantment Epic egg template 1,100
Lacewing Dragon Epic egg template 2,095
Monolith Boost Epic egg template 2,500
Stoneshell Dragon Epic egg template 5,300
Prize Individual Cost
Swallowtail Pedestal Epic egg template 285
Starwing Pedestal Epic egg template 635
Cumulus Pedestal Epic egg template 660
Transfiguring Tree Epic egg template 1,100
Swallowtail Dragon Epic egg template 2,095
Starwing Dragon Epic egg template 4,900
Cumulus Dragon Epic egg template 5,100
Relic of the Epics Epic egg template 7,975
Prize Individual Cost
Marbletail Pedestal Epic egg template 495
Tulip Pedestal Epic egg template 625
Glowwing Pedestal Epic egg template 710
Marbletail Dragon Epic egg template 3,795
Tulip Dragon Epic egg template 4,800
Glowwing Dragon Epic egg template 5,500
Lost Island Epic egg template 7,490
Monument of the Epics Epic egg template 7,975
New Content
Cumulative Total
Epic egg template 52,620
All Content
Cumulative Total
Epic egg template 113,915

Important Important: Prizes with an asterisk * indicate that the prize is limited.

What is the Mythic Egg Hunt?

  • Mythic Egg Hunt Menu Part 1
  • Mythic Egg Hunt Menu Part 2
  • Playing during the Mythic Egg Hunt
  • Egg of Mystery
  • Prize Tiers
  • Earning Magic Eggs Part 1
  • Earning Magic Eggs Part 2
  • Buying Magic Eggs
  • Claiming Prizes
  • Mystery Rewards
  • Extra Magic Eggs
  • Unused Magic Eggs
  • Completing the Mythic Egg Hunt

The Mythic Egg Hunt's objective was to collect Mythical Eggs for Kaleni.

The Mythic Egg Hunt helped build on the ??? where the Burcadian Bazaar was located which enabled players to obtain them as exclusive rewards for their efforts.

The "Info" section of Prizes section in the Mythic Egg Hunt Help Menu provided a display of the info box for their respective prizes which were viewed by clicking the prize after obtaining it.


  • Tutorial Part 1
  • Tutorial Part 2
  • Tutorial Part 3
  • Tutorial Part 4
  • Tutorial Part 5
  • Tutorial Part 6

The Mythic Egg Hunt started with a tutorial explaining how Mythic Egg Hunt will work.

The process of this tutorial is able to be viewed in the gallery to the right.

The tutorial took a few minutes to complete from beginning to end, but players received Epic egg template 100 as a goal completion reward after completing the tutorial.

Prize Completion

When enough mythical eggs were collected, they were able to be used at the Burcadian Bazaar for unique prizes. Players were able to select which reward they wanted in what ever order they wished.

Max Mythical Eggs

  • The completion prize at the end of the tutorial does not count toward your max daily Mythical Eggs
  • Buying Mythical Eggs does not count toward your daily mythic egg limit
  • The daily mythic egg limit is 1,000 a day and 2,000 on double days


  • On March 22, 2017, Update 3.14.0 was available in the App Store and Google Play, and included a brief description about the Mythic Egg Hunt. However, the event did not begin until the following day and only a few minor changes were made upon updating the game such as a different loading screen and DragonVale icon.
  • The Mythic Egg Hunt began on March 23, 2017 and is scheduled to end on April 18, 2017.
  • To obtain the Mythic Egg Hunt rewards, a player needed to turn in Mythical Eggs at the Burcadian Bazaar from March 23, 2017 to April 22, 2017 even though after April 18, 2017 no new Mythical Eggs could be collected.
  • The Mythic Egg Hunt is only available to players that have reached level 11.
  • On March 24, 2017, Backflip Studios made it possible to collect twice the amount of mythic eggs from completing the tasks in the Mythic Egg Hunt event and doubled the daily capacity of mythic eggs. This was a promotion and only lasted for 72 hours.
    • On April 14, 2017, Backflip Studios repeated this promotion which lasted for 72 hours.
  • The Mythic Egg Hunt ended on April 18, 2017, at approximately 17:00:00 (UTC), but the Burcadian Bazaar remained open until April 22, 2017 where players could still spend their remaining Mythical Eggs.

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