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Standard - Holiday 2011 - Holiday 2012


Dragon eggs are large and require lots of care. It takes a special blend of magic and tender loving care to get these babies cracking.
  — Game Description 

Available Level 1
Size 4x4


Game parks have a Nursery with one hatching bed available at the start of the game. This is where Eggs incubate after they are purchased with dragoncash or bred in the Breeding Cave/Enchanted Breeding Cave or the Epic Breeding Island/Epic Breeding Sanctuary.

Dragons purchased with gems do not go to the Nursery; when these are purchased they are able to go directly into a habitat or the Hibernation Cave.

Hatching Beds Gems to Upgrade
1 0
2 10
3 25
4 50


  • The Nursery cannot be sold.
  • On December 2, 2011, the Nursery was re-designed to have snow on it.
  • On December 21, 2012, the Nursery was decorated with holiday decorations for a limited time.
    • On February 1, 2013, the holiday decorations on the Nursery were removed.

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