Parade Gardens

Available Level 11
Buy Ring N/A
Sell Ring N/A
EXP NewExperienceIcon N/A
Upgradable From: N/A Size N/A
Upgradable To: N/A Building Time N/A
Game Description
Each dragon in the Parade Gardens will earn 3 Rings per hour.

Flaunt one, flaunt all in the name of the Arcane Pentournament! For the first time in Vale history, you can treat your visitors to a dragon parade! Select up to five dragons to show off their finest wing maneuvers and breath blasts in the Parade Gardens. Ring rewards await!

Update  During Arcane Pentournament players were able to enter a maximum of five dragons into the Parade Gardens to earn rings to trade in at the Prize Pavilion.

Release History

Release Removal
June 30, 2016 September 7, 2016


  • No Rings to Collect Message
  • Collect Rings Button
  • Enter Parade Gardens Button


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