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Perch of Kairos

Last edited on March 2, 2014
by Nunya Beeznis
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Perch of Kairos Habitat

The Perch of Kairos, crafted before the days of record keeping, is magically affixed to your second island. In order to summon Kairos to your park -- and reap the benefit of his time-bending power -- you will need to find and assemble three ancient artifacts: The Chronolith, the Time Claw and the Statue of Kairos.
  — Game Description 
Perch of Kairos Chronolith

Fueled by the ancient Chronolith, the Perch of Kairos resonates with magical time energy. Passerby sometimes claim to bear witness to events both past and future as they gaze upon this unfinished edifice. Only once you have found and assemble the remaining two artifacts -- the Time Claw and the Statue of Kairos -- will you be able to realize the full majesty of this creation.
  — Game Description 

The completed Perch of Kairos channels magical energy and calls out to the dragon of legend. Wizards throughout history have used this structure to summon Kairos to a fixed point in time and space, helping herald in a golden age. Now that you have completed this sctructure, perhaps a new Golden Age is in store!
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Cost 750,000
Building Time Instant
Dragon Capacity 1
Gold Capacity N/A
Sells For N/A
Experience N/A
Available Level 16
Size --
Upgradable 3 Stages


Quests are another way to obtain Artifacts besides racing. These can be accessed if you have not obtained Kairos already. Quests cost 50,000 to enter a dragon into them. Rewards include , , , and Artifacts. Using the recommended elements will increase your chances of earning Artifacts.
Quest (Name) Elements Recommended
Berrywhite Mountains Scorch Dragon / Firefly Dragon / Love Dragon / Butterfly Dragon
Blitzenwood Cactus Dragon / Ash Dragon / Love Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Bloom Dragon
Blizzard's Breath Snow Dragon / Blizzard Dragon
Boneyard Caldera

Lava Dragon / Obsidian Dragon / Bone Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Paper Dragon / Sakura Dragon / Cotton Dragon

Burning Winds

Blazing Dragon / Smoke Dragon / Firework Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Rose Dragon / Butterfly Dragon

Cadberry Fields Sonic Dragon / Thunder Dragon / Butterfly Dragon / Liberty Dragon
The Dragonwallow Mud Dragon / River Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Terradiem Dragon / Century Dragon
Drizzlemist Heights Fog Dragon / Rain Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Terradiem Dragon
Frozen Pond Ice Dragon / Iceberg Dragon / Century Dragon
Greenwood Forest

Moss Dragon / Tree Dragon / Clover Dragon / Sakura Dragon / Paper Dragon / Forest Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon

Hemlock Gardens Poison Dragon / Flower Dragon/ Bouquet Dragon / Motley Dragon / Paper Dragon / Love Dragon / Rose Dragon / Pepper Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Gift Dragon / Sakura Dragon
The Iron Crag Iron Dragon / Scoria Dragon / Bearded Dragon
Lodestone Peak Magnetic Dragon / Copper Dragon / Liberty Dragon
Mermaid's Garden

Seaweed Dragon / Swamp Dragon / Bouquet Dragon

Mount Dumme Brass Dragon / Forge Dragon
Mount Spectre

Mountain Dragon / Glacier Dragon / Ghost Dragon / Bearded Dragon / Century Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon / Paper Dragon

Northern Exposure

Lichen Dragon / Evergreen Dragon / Reindeer Dragon / Paper Dragon / Gift Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon / Bloom Dragon

Prismatic Rift Quake Dragon / Crystal Dragon / Cotton Dragon
Ruins of Alsvitheim Mine Dragon / Steel Dragon / Bearded Dragon
Stormy Way Storm Dragon / Hail Dragon / Bloom Dragon
The Weeping Wood Pollen Dragon / Willow Dragon / Rose Dragon
Time Prize on the Chronolith Prize on the Time Claw Prize on the Statue of Kairos
2 hours 150k or 7mil to 30mil depending on current level 150k or 7mil to 30mil depending on current level 150k   or 5,000 or 30,000k
3 hours Bottom Right piece Top Left piece

Bottom Right (Tail)

4 hours Bottom Center piece Top Center piece Top Right (Wing)
6 hours Bottom Left piece Center piece Bottom Center (Feet)
9 hours Center piece Top Right piece Bottom Left (Hand/Orb)
13 hours Top Right piece Bottom Right piece Center (Torso)
18 hours Top Left piece Bottom Center Top Center (Neck)
24 hours Top Center piece Bottom Left piece Top Left (Head)
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  • The Perch of Kairos is the first habitat that does not generate or .
  • Upon purchasing the Perch of Kairos from the Habitats section from the market, artifacts must be assembled to enable summoning Kairos. There are three ways to acquire the artifacts:
    • You can send your dragons on Quests, which require the user to send a dragon on a quest to collect rewards including , , , and artifacts.
      • Quests are completed in different time frames, unlike the Colosseum which has a standard time frame of 24 hours.
      • The recommended elements can be seen in the dragon select screen on the top corners before entering a quest.
      • Quests conclude with a box that says '(Dragon Name) has found (Prize Found)'.
      • Quests take between 2 hours and 24 hours to complete, although they can be sped up with .
    • You can receive fragments from Dragon Track racing.
    • You can purchase fragments with .
  • The Perch of Kairos does not count in the maximum habitat count, although some users experienced an issue where they were unable to purchase it if they were already at the maximum number of habitats. Selling a habitat allows the Perch of Kairos to be purchased, and subsequently the original habitat can be re-purchased.
  • The Perch of Kairos represents the first time the game requires players to obtain a habitat before the dragon can be created.
  • DragonVale on Android-devices received the Perch of Kairos on December 6, 2012.
  • On April 29, 2013, the Perch of Kairos and the "Enter" icon received its own unique sound upon clicking it.
  • On June 27, 2013, a new two-step filter system for sorting dragons by elements was added.

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