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Quests are another way to obtain artifacts besides racing.

Upon completion of a quest, the player is presented with three chests and 1-2 keys to open the chests.

Rewards include treats, dragoncash, experience, double XP boosts, and artifacts.

Using the recommended elements will increase the player's chances of earning artifacts.

Activating Kairos will speed up the time it takes for the quest to complete by six hours.

After the Nursery is "transformed" players can send quests from it even if Gaia is not obtained already.

Quests can sent out from the Perch of Kairos and the Legendary Nursery.

Press ctrl + F (or Command + F) to enable quick search.


  • These quests were released between the time Gaia was released and now.
Quest Name Elements Perfect Dragon Time
A Gift in the Rift Icon LightIcon Dark Light Rift Dragon 8 hours
Across the Acrostic Sea Icon DarkIcon Fire Char Dragon 8 hours
Admiral Antics Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Earth Trick Dragon 8 hours
Adrift in the Rift Icon DarkIcon Light Dark Rift Dragon 8 hours
Age of Alignment Icon AirIcon EarthIcon Fire Solar Eclipse Dragon 16 hours
Akitu's Assay Icon ColdIcon FireIcon Lightning Spring Dragon 16 hours
Algae Analogy Icon ColdIcon Plant Lichen Dragon 2 hours
Allengin Pass Icon DarkIcon Air Howl Dragon 2 hours
Ami'Lya's Adventure Icon WaterIcon Earth River Dragon 2 hours
Amphibian Meridian Icon FireIcon Water Salamander Dragon 2 hours
Anayrahm Dive Icon WaterIcon Dark Trench Dragon 8 hours
Anchored Adventure Icon WaterIcon PlantIcon Air Squall Dragon 16 hours
Ancient Madness Icon DarkIcon Water Ooze Dragon 2 hours
Anti-Gravity Antics Icon AirIcon Metal Verdigris Dragon 8 hours
Backflip Trip Icon FireIcon PlantIcon EarthIcon Cold Paper Dragon 8 hours
Beacons of Freedom Icon AirIcon MetalIcon Lightning Liberty Dragon 8 hours
Belladonna's Bastion Icon DarkIcon Plant Nightshade Dragon 2 hours
Below the Floe Icon EarthIcon Cold Glacier Dragon 2 hours
Bessemer's Bounty Icon EarthIcon Metal Scoria Dragon 2 hours
Blight Blockade Icon PlantIcon Dark Fungus Dragon 2 hours
Blue Odyssey Icon WaterIcon ColdIcon FireIcon Light Celerulean Dragon 16 hours
Boreal Brink Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon FireIcon Dark Aurora Dragon 16 hours
Boss Stage Icon DarkIcon Fire Dungeon Dragon 2 hours
Brave New Vale Icon PlantIcon MetalIcon Air Valor Dragon 16 hours
Broken Ice Shelf Icon WaterIcon Cold Iceberg Dragon 2 hours
Brow Mountain Icon ColdIcon Plant Conifer Dragon 8 hours
Brume Bluff Icon LightningIcon Dark Wisp Dragon 8 hours
Bryophyte Plight Icon EarthIcon Plant Moss Dragon 2 hours
Budding Bayou Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon Light Sprout Dragon 16 hours
Burcadian Hooray Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon LightningIcon Plant Tansy Dragon 16 hours
Cape Calm Icon EarthIcon FireIcon Cold Serenity Dragon 16 hours
Carat Coulee Icon FireIcon Metal Gold Dragon 16 hours
Carbon Craze Icon ColdIcon WaterIcon Metal Diamond Dragon 16 hours
Catacombs of Ulmek Icon FireIcon WaterIcon Lightning Jade Dragon 16 hours
Caught in the Crimson Sea Icon LightIcon Water Shimmer Dragon 2 hours
Cauldron Canyon Icon FireIcon Earth Soot Dragon 8 hours
Cave of Caroling Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon Air Twinkle Dragon 16 hours
Caves of Ramora Icon LightIcon Cold Glare Dragon 2 hours
Celestial Duality Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon FireIcon Cold Andromedan Dragon 16 hours
Celestial Rarity Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon LightIcon Metal Sorarian Dragon 16 hours
Charisma Chasm Icon LightningIcon Metal Magnetic Dragon 2 hours
Cheelei's Cove Icon FireIcon Plant Pepper Dragon 8 hours
Chione Chasm Icon ColdIcon FireIcon Air Snowy Bronze Dragon 16 hours
Chione Climb Icon ColdIcon FireIcon Air Snowy Silver Dragon 16 hours
Chione Peaks Icon ColdIcon FireIcon Air Snowy Gold Dragon 16 hours
Chiseled Cliffs Icon EarthIcon Light Mountain Sun Dragon 8 hours
Chroma Chasm Icon LightIcon Air Iridescent Dragon 8 hours
Close Shave Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon Metal Bearded Dragon 8 hours
Cloud Striker Icon EarthIcon LightningIcon Air Thunderbolt Dragon 16 hours
Clouds of Garita Icon AirIcon EarthIcon MetalIcon Cold Snowpocalypse Dragon 16 hours
Cold Light Chase Icon LightningIcon Fire Firefly Dragon 2 hours
Colorless Chasm Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon AirIcon Lightning Barite Dragon 16 hours
Conductive Conundrum Icon MetalIcon Lightning Copper Dragon 2 hours
Confabulated Confectionary Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Earth Ortreat Dragon 8 hours
Conflagration Course Icon FireIcon Light Ember Dragon 2 hours
Copse Consternation Icon PlantIcon Earth Forest Dragon 8 hours
Corrosion Excursion Icon WaterIcon Metal Rust Dragon 2 hours
Corrosive Crater Icon DarkIcon Metal Acid Dragon 2 hours
Creeper Keeper Icon DarkIcon Cold Crypt Dragon 2 hours
Crimson Canyon Icon EarthIcon AirIcon Fire Garnet Dragon 16 hours
Crystal Clear Chasm Icon PlantIcon FireIcon EarthIcon Light Quartz Dragon 16 hours
Dante's Dungeon Icon AirIcon Fire Inferno Dragon 8 hours
Dappled Tale Icon PlantIcon FireIcon ColdIcon Earth Marbletail Dragon 16 hours
Dark Side of the Moon Icon WaterIcon Light Prism Dragon 16 hours
Debunking Spelunking Icon LightIcon Cold Fluorescent Dragon 8 hours
Divine Starshine Icon DarkIcon LightningIcon FireIcon Metal Nova Dragon 16 hours
Divine Vine Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon Cold Thicket Dragon 8 hours
Doily Dash Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Fire Lace Dragon 16 hours
Doublehue Ditch Icon AirIcon WaterIcon ColdIcon Metal Double Rainbow Dragon 16 hours
Doubley Alloyed Icon MetalIcon Fire Brass Dragon 2 hours
Down Falls Icon ColdIcon Dark Ruin Dragon 2 hours
Down Underground Icon DarkIcon Earth Cave Dragon 2 hours
Dramorian Delve Icon ColdIcon Metal Mine Dragon 2 hours
Dungeon of Distractions Icon PlantIcon FireIcon AirIcon Lightning Moonstruck Dragon 16 hours
Efflorescent Expedition Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Lightning Bloom Dragon 8 hours
Eliyse's Clearing Icon PlantIcon Light Meadow Dragon 2 hours
Event Horizon Icon DarkIcon FireIcon MetalIcon Lightning Singularity Dragon 16 hours
Everflowering Fields Icon EarthIcon FireIcon PlantIcon Cold Glowwing Dragon 16 hours
Exceptional Endeavor Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon AirIcon Lightning Portent Dragon 16 hours
Explosions in the Sky Icon FireIcon Air Firework Dragon 8 hours
Extre Extre Endeavor Icon LightningIcon ColdIcon Light Herald Dragon 16 hours
Fair is Fair Icon LightningIcon PlantIcon ColdIcon Metal Faire Dragon 8 hours
Fear & Figments Icon ColdIcon Light Phantom Dragon 2 hours
Fearsome Fruits Icon FireIcon WaterIcon Light Berry Dragon 16 hours
Fields of Achoo Icon PlantIcon Air Pollen Dragon 2 hours
Fiery Forage Icon AirIcon Fire Blazing Dragon 2 hours
Fight or Fight Icon EarthIcon Air Dodo Dragon 8 hours
Filigree Falls Icon PlantIcon FireIcon ColdIcon Earth Lacewing Dragon 16 hours
Final Fever Icon EarthIcon FireIcon Air Delirium Dragon 16 hours
Five Score Frenzy Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon Water Century Dragon 8 hours
Flaming Starscape Icon FireIcon LightningIcon LightIcon Earth Antarian Dragon 16 hours
Flash Freeze Icon ColdIcon Water Ice Dragon 2 hours
Floral Flight Icon WaterIcon PlantIcon Fire Bouquet Dragon 8 hours
Floral Quarrel Icon FireIcon Plant Flower Dragon 2 hours
Forage in the Great Forest Icon ColdIcon WaterIcon Light Seed Dragon 16 hours
Forgotten Fuels Icon FireIcon Earth Coal Dragon 8 hours
Fossil Folly Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon ColdIcon Lightning Amber Dragon 16 hours
Fractal Fever Icon LightningIcon Earth Crystal Dragon 2 hours
Freezy-Cold Flight Icon EarthIcon Cold Permafrost Dragon 8 hours
Fruitful Feat Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Water Harvest Dragon 8 hours
Fulgent Foray Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon EarthIcon Fire Dazzling Dragon 16 hours
Furious Flurry Icon ColdIcon Air Snow Dragon 2 hours
Fury's Foray Icon ColdIcon LightningIcon WaterIcon Earth Shield Dragon 8 hours
Garden Warden Icon EarthIcon Plant Arbor Dragon 8 hours
Gardenia's Grace Icon PlantIcon Earth Garden Dragon 8 hours
Gargantuan Grasslands Icon EarthIcon Light Plains Dragon 8 hours
Gaznul Gulch Icon DarkIcon Lightning Wraith Dragon 2 hours
Gelndun Gutter Icon WaterIcon DarkIcon Air Nightmare Dragon 16 hours
Gerias Gauntlet Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon AirIcon Metal Azurite Dragon 16 hours
Gerias Mines Icon ColdIcon AirIcon Lightning Amethyst Dragon 16 hours
Giving Gulch Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Cold Gift Dragon 8 hours
Glacial Dig Icon ColdIcon Water Icy Torrent Dragon 8 hours
Glimmer Grotto Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon EarthIcon Fire Flicker Dragon 16 hours
Globe Trot Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon Air Terradiem Dragon 8 hours
Glochid Grounds Icon PlantIcon Lightning Cactus Dragon 2 hours
Glowing Descent Icon ColdIcon Light Candescent Dragon 8 hours
Glowing Gulch Icon LightIcon Plant Luminous Dragon 2 hours
Golden Foolery Icon EarthIcon AirIcon LightningIcon Metal Pyrite Dragon 16 hours
Green Hill Havoc Icon AirIcon Lightning Sonic Dragon 2 hours
Gulf of the Guardian Icon FireIcon Dark Watch Dragon 2 hours
Gulping Gully Icon PlantIcon FireIcon ColdIcon Earth Swallowtail Dragon 16 hours
Half-light Hunt Icon ColdIcon Lightning Dusk Dragon 16 hours
Hall of Halitosis Icon FireIcon EarthIcon LightningIcon Water Cerberus Dragon 16 hours
Hall of Hedera Icon LightningIcon Plant Ivy Dragon 2 hours
Hall of the Ice Kings Icon AirIcon Cold Blizzard Dragon 2 hours
Head in the Clouds Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon FireIcon Air Cumulus Dragon 16 hours
Heartbreak Hold Icon LightningIcon PlantIcon Fire Love Dragon 8 hours
Heat Wave Havoc Icon LightIcon Metal Radiant Dragon 2 hours
Hemisphere Mutineer Icon WaterIcon FireIcon Air Equinox Dragon 16 hours
Hemisphere Pioneer Icon AirIcon FireIcon Plant Seasonal Dragon 16 hours
Herculean Effort Icon EarthIcon Lightning Gold Olympus Dragon 16 hours
Hide & Seek Icon LightningIcon EarthIcon FireIcon Cold Leathery Dragon 8 hours
High Noon Rune Icon ColdIcon Lightning Midday Dragon 16 hours
Highlands Havoc Icon WaterIcon Light Lagoon Dragon 8 hours
Howling Hunt Icon LightningIcon ColdIcon Plant Lycan Dragon 8 hours
Hypersonic Frolic Icon ColdIcon FireIcon EarthIcon Metal Comet Dragon 16 hours
Icebitten Icon DarkIcon Cold Frostbite Dragon 8 hours
Infinite Loop Icon MetalIcon LightningIcon Water Ouroboros Dragon 16 hours
Inky Heights Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon FireIcon Air Sumi Dragon 8 hours
Intercalary Anarchy Icon WaterIcon MetalIcon LightIcon Dark Leap Year Dragon 16 hours
Into the Bushes Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Earth Tinsel Dragon 16 hours
Ionized Guise Icon LightningIcon Water Plasma Dragon 8 hours
Iron Will Icon MetalIcon Earth Iron Dragon 2 hours
Island of Illusions Icon AirIcon FireIcon LightIcon Dark Dream Dragon 16 hours
Isle of Indignation Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Fire Ire Dragon 16 hours
It Came From the Clouds Icon ColdIcon AirIcon Water Flurry Dragon 8 hours
Jubilee Spree Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon Fire Carnival Dragon 8 hours
Just Right Gauntlet Icon PlantIcon Cold Frostflower Dragon 8 hours
Kamgwa Karst Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon LightningIcon Dark Tidal Dragon 8 hours
Keepsake Cavern Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Cold Trinket Dragon 8 hours
Kelpy Corrale Icon WaterIcon Fire Coral Dragon 2 hours
Khorasan Kame Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Water Turquoise Dragon 16 hours
Knots for Naught Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Lightning Celtic Dragon 16 hours
Koo Hill Trek Icon PlantIcon Air Orchid Dragon 8 hours
Land Without Candy Icon FireIcon EarthIcon Cold Decay Dragon 8 hours
Lantern Deeps Icon WaterIcon Dark Abyss Dragon 2 hours
Laurel Lament Icon FireIcon PlantIcon EarthIcon Lightning Garland Dragon 8 hours
Left Turn Lagoon Icon MetalIcon Cold Steel Dragon 2 hours
Lerner's Toyshop Icon EarthIcon Metal Bronze Dragon 16 hours
Leviathan Caverns Icon LightningIcon WaterIcon Earth Hydra Dragon 16 hours
Libra Lark Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Water Tourmaline Dragon 16 hours
Lignite Night Icon PlantIcon AirIcon MetalIcon Dark Jet Dragon 16 hours
Log in the Fog Icon WaterIcon PlantIcon Fire Bog Dragon 8 hours
Lord of the Fjords Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Earth Verglace Dragon 16 hours
Luck in the Muck Icon EarthIcon Water Mud Dragon 2 hours
Lunar Blues Icon ColdIcon Lightning Blue Moon Dragon 16 hours
Lunar Lunacy Icon ColdIcon Lightning Moon Dragon 16 hours
Madcap Muskeg Icon PlantIcon Water Swamp Dragon 2 hours
Magnet Junket Icon MetalIcon Lightning Lodestone Dragon 8 hours
Manic Antics Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Cold Delight Dragon 16 hours
Map to the Stars Icon FireIcon PlantIcon EarthIcon Cold Starwing Dragon 16 hours
Marigold Moon Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon WaterIcon Cold Harvest Moon Dragon 16 hours
Mega Metamorphosis Icon FireIcon ColdIcon Earth Chrysalis Dragon 16 hours
Megastellar Mission Icon LightIcon FireIcon AirIcon Water Rayleian Dragon 16 hours
Mercurial Madness Icon MetalIcon Water Quicksilver Dragon 2 hours
Mesmeric Mausoleum Icon LightIcon Air Hypnotic Dragon 2 hours
Miasma Menace Icon WaterIcon Air Fog Dragon 2 hours
Mineral Mire Icon EarthIcon FireIcon MetalIcon Light Mesolite Dragon 16 hours
Misfortune Marsh Icon PlantIcon Earth Clover Dragon 8 hours
Mogok Mania Icon FireIcon AirIcon LightningIcon Metal Ruby Dragon 16 hours
Mollusca Marina Icon MetalIcon Water Conch Dragon 8 hours
Molten Motive Icon FireIcon Earth Lava Dragon 2 hours
Moonlit Garden Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon MetalIcon Fire Tulip Dragon 16 hours
Mort's Moratorium Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon LightningIcon Fire Stoneheart Dragon 8 hours
Murphy's Ode Icon AirIcon ColdIcon PlantIcon Water Nebula Dragon 16 hours
Nadia's Nursery Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Air Rose Dragon 8 hours
Neverblue Woods Icon PlantIcon Cold Evergreen Dragon 2 hours
Nevermore Cavern Icon ColdIcon Earth Spectre Dragon 8 hours
New Year Flight Icon LightIcon PlantIcon LightningIcon Dark Neoteric Dragon 8 hours
Night Flight Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon LightningIcon Dark Nightbloom Dragon 16 hours
Noble Peril Icon MetalIcon Light Palladium Dragon 2 hours
Nor'easter Beaster Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Cold Regift Dragon 8 hours
Nori Cove Icon WaterIcon Plant Seaweed Dragon 2 hours
Northern Chills Icon ColdIcon Earth Arctic Dragon 8 hours
Noxious Nuzzles Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Air Okenite Dragon 16 hours
Olivine's Ordeal Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Lightning Peridot Dragon 16 hours
Olympian Struggle Icon EarthIcon Lightning Bronze Olympus Dragon 16 hours
Opalescent Operation Icon EarthIcon FireIcon Water Opal Dragon 16 hours
Paired Pulsars Icon ColdIcon LightningIcon DarkIcon Air Bizurian Dragon 16 hours
Palagos Islands Icon ColdIcon Fire Frostfire Dragon 8 hours
Pan Galactic Gargle Icon FireIcon AirIcon DarkIcon Earth Arcturian Dragon 16 hours
Pancake Plunder Icon FireIcon MetalIcon Earth Nether Dragon 8 hours
Paradise Palisade Icon AirIcon Light Halo Dragon 8 hours
Phantasm Chasm Icon DarkIcon Light Mirage Dragon 8 hours
Philosopher's Dragon Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon PlantIcon Cold Pond Dragon 16 hours
Phoenix Edict Icon LightningIcon Plant Ash Dragon 2 hours
Photosynthetic Folly Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon Light Leaf Dragon 16 hours
Pi Roh's Paradise Icon FireIcon Air Blazing Gale Dragon 8 hours
Plaaaaaaaaains Icon AirIcon PlantIcon Metal Zombie Dragon 16 hours
Plunder Strike Icon LightningIcon Air Thunder Dragon 2 hours
Plunder Thunder Icon PlantIcon MetalIcon Earth Loot Dragon 16 hours
Polaris Plummet Icon ColdIcon WaterIcon LightIcon Air Polarian Dragon 16 hours
Poltergeist Heist Icon ColdIcon Earth Ghost Dragon 8 hours
Polyhue Palms Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon FireIcon Cold Rainbow Dragon 16 hours
Prophetic Pursuit Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon MetalIcon Lightning Apocalypse Dragon 16 hours
Pumpkin Patch Icon PlantIcon FireIcon EarthIcon Dark Gourd Dragon 8 hours
Putrid Plunge Icon FireIcon Metal Sulfur Dragon 8 hours
Ray of Rage Icon LightIcon Lightning Gamma Dragon 2 hours
Razor Ramble Icon DarkIcon Plant Bramble Dragon 8 hours
Refraction Extraction Icon EarthIcon MetalIcon FireIcon Light Bismuth Dragon 16 hours
Remember November Icon PlantIcon LightningIcon Fire Topaz Dragon 16 hours
Retrieve & Retreat Icon AirIcon MetalIcon FireIcon Cold Labradorite Dragon 16 hours
Reverie Quarry Icon LightIcon DarkIcon Air Daydream Dragon 16 hours
Riddle Rabble Icon PlantIcon Metal Iron Blossom Dragon 8 hours
Ride Eternal Icon MetalIcon Air Chrome Dragon 2 hours
Rift Fire Mire Icon MetalIcon Dark Promethium Dragon 2 hours
Rootmoot Icon PlantIcon Earth Tree Dragon 2 hours
Rorrim Rock Icon LightIcon Metal Mirror Dragon 8 hours
Rudna's Rollick Icon ColdIcon Metal Silver Dragon 16 hours
Runic River Icon DarkIcon FireIcon Metal Stygian Dragon 16 hours
Sandakloz's Surprise Icon ColdIcon Plant Reindeer Dragon 8 hours
Sandara's Sojourn Icon EarthIcon Light Sand Dragon 2 hours
Sandy Canyon Icon WaterIcon Earth Quicksand Dragon 8 hours
Scalding Stretch Icon FireIcon Lightning Scorch Dragon 2 hours
Scarlet Sprint Icon LightningIcon Light Flash Dragon 2 hours
Scorched Ice Icon FireIcon Cold Blue Fire Dragon 8 hours
Sediment Impediment Icon EarthIcon Water Geode Dragon 8 hours
Seismic Trick Icon EarthIcon Lightning Quake Dragon 2 hours
Serpentine Point Icon FireIcon EarthIcon ColdIcon Dark Ragnarok Dragon 16 hours
Setse Sighting Icon LightIcon Lightning Shining Dragon 8 hours
Shell Scheme Icon PlantIcon FireIcon WaterIcon Lightning Ovalith Dragon 16 hours
Shi Nee's Saga Icon MetalIcon Fire Molten Dragon 8 hours
Shimmering Slough Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon AirIcon Cold Pearl Dragon 16 hours
Shock and Aww Icon PlantIcon FireIcon MetalIcon Light Surprise Dragon 16 hours
Shock Rock Icon LightningIcon Dark Spark Dragon 2 hours
Sickengen's Den Icon AirIcon Metal Platinum Dragon 16 hours
Sights Unseen Icon LightningIcon Water Cyclops Dragon 16 hours
Silica Valley Icon LightIcon Earth Glass Dragon 2 hours
Silvery Peaks Icon EarthIcon Lightning Silver Olympus Dragon 16 hours
Skeletal Pedestal Icon FireIcon Earth Bone Dragon 8 hours
Sleigh Ride Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Fire Ornamental Dragon 16 hours
Slow-Moving Summit Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon AirIcon Water Plateau Dragon 16 hours
Smash Valley Icon MetalIcon Plant Malachite Dragon 8 hours
Smithy Snafu Icon FireIcon Metal Forge Dragon 2 hours
Smog Bog Icon AirIcon Dark Miasma Dragon 2 hours
Smoke on the Boulder Icon FireIcon Air Smolder Dragon 8 hours
Snow Day Icon ColdIcon EarthIcon Lightning Thundersnow Dragon 8 hours
Snowdrift Dive Icon ColdIcon PlantIcon Light Snowbrush Dragon 8 hours
Sol Strike Icon LightIcon DarkIcon Fire Sunstruck Dragon 16 hours
Solar Controller Icon ColdIcon Lightning Sun Dragon 16 hours
Solo Summit Icon ColdIcon Earth Mountain Dragon 2 hours
Spark in the Dark Icon DarkIcon Lightning Hidden Bolt Dragon 8 hours
Sparkflow Connection Icon WaterIcon Lightning Current Dragon 8 hours
Speckled Spelunking Icon PlantIcon AirIcon MetalIcon Light Jasper Dragon 16 hours
Spiky Spire Brier Icon MetalIcon Plant Thorn Dragon 8 hours
Spiraling Storm Icon WaterIcon Air Vortex Dragon 8 hours
Squall Shoal Icon LightningIcon Cold Storm Dragon 2 hours
Standing Egg Rock Icon EarthIcon WaterIcon ColdIcon Lightning Stoneshell Dragon 16 hours
Star Shower Icon AirIcon Metal Meteor Dragon 2 hours
Stark Tundra Icon AirIcon ColdIcon Earth Winter Dragon 16 hours
Stater's Stash Icon LightningIcon Metal Electrum Dragon 16 hours
Stellar Core Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon ColdIcon Light Eridanian Dragon 16 hours
Stellar Phenomcyon Icon PlantIcon WaterIcon LightningIcon Metal Procyon Dragon 16 hours
Stones of Surya Icon EarthIcon FireIcon Air Solstice Dragon 16 hours
Streaming & Gleaming Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon Fire Ribbon Dragon 16 hours
Sudsy Shores Icon AirIcon Water Bubble Dragon 8 hours
Sun Salute Icon FireIcon AirIcon Dark Dawnbringer Dragon 16 hours
Sunshine Soirée Icon FireIcon LightningIcon Water Summer Dragon 16 hours
Swamps of Sadness Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Cold Melancholy Dragon 16 hours
Sykie Meadows Icon AirIcon LightningIcon Fire Butterfly Dragon 8 hours
T. Erra's Plea Icon EarthIcon Dark Subterranean Dragon 8 hours
Tectonica Toil Icon AirIcon Earth Sandstorm Dragon 8 hours
Ten Score Trench Icon LightningIcon AirIcon Fire Bicentennial Dragon 8 hours
Tessa's Trek Icon PlantIcon Metal Ironwood Dragon 8 hours
Textile Test Icon PlantIcon FireIcon EarthIcon Lightning Cotton Dragon 8 hours
The 5th Precipice Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon FireIcon Cold Wyrmwood Dragon 8 hours
The Awakening Icon ColdIcon Lightning Dawn Dragon 16 hours
The Barragening Icon ColdIcon Lightning Hail Dragon 2 hours
The Bolts of Faridat Icon LightningIcon Dark Darkling Dragon 8 hours
The Fall Icon FireIcon ColdIcon Air Autumn Dragon 16 hours
The Fattening Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Light Feast Dragon 8 hours
The Great Sneeze Icon EarthIcon PlantIcon LightningIcon Cold Epoch Dragon 8 hours
The Mark of Wrothmoore Icon EarthIcon Fire Obsidian Dragon 2 hours
The Other Side Icon FireIcon Air Smoke Dragon 2 hours
The Sedna Mountains Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon EarthIcon Lightning Emerald Dragon 16 hours
The Skies of Faridat Icon MetalIcon AirIcon Lightning Kite Dragon 8 hours
The Snugglening Icon PlantIcon LightningIcon FireIcon Earth Cuddlewing Dragon 8 hours
The Springening Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Fire Sakura Dragon 8 hours
The Sweetest Scent Icon FireIcon PlantIcon EarthIcon Cold Ambrosia Dragon 8 hours
The Wall of Shades Icon LightIcon Dark Shadow Dragon 8 hours
The Witching Hour Icon ColdIcon DarkIcon Earth Midnight Dragon 16 hours
Thermodynamic Panic Icon LightIcon Fire Heat Dragon 2 hours
Thistlethumb Dig Icon ColdIcon PlantIcon Earth Mistletoe Dragon 8 hours
Thousand Acre Woods Icon LightIcon FireIcon PlantIcon Earth Honeyglow Dragon 16 hours
Tomb of Kings Icon DarkIcon ColdIcon Lightning Pharaoh Dragon 16 hours
Torrential Tribulation Icon AirIcon Water Rain Dragon 2 hours
Tour de Cyan Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon Water Aquamarine Dragon 16 hours
Tower of Tantalia Icon LightIcon Water Nectar Dragon 8 hours
Toxic Trouble Icon PlantIcon Fire Poison Dragon 2 hours
Transcendent Traversal Icon WaterIcon Light Lotus Dragon 2 hours
Triad Trench Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Water Fates Dragon 16 hours
Trial DCLVI Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon MetalIcon Lightning Omen Dragon 16 hours
Triumph Turlough Icon AirIcon ColdIcon Lightning Victory Dragon 16 hours
Tuber Trouble Icon EarthIcon Dark Root Dragon 2 hours
Tunnels of Mashe Icon EarthIcon ColdIcon LightningIcon Metal Sanguinite Dragon 16 hours
Twice Leapt Valley Icon AirIcon WaterIcon MetalIcon Dark Double Leap Year Dragon 16 hours
Twilight Flight Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Earth Duskwing Dragon 16 hours
Ultramarine Scene Icon EarthIcon AirIcon Lightning Lapis Dragon 16 hours
Umbral Plunge Icon AirIcon ColdIcon Earth Lunar Eclipse Dragon 16 hours
Unencumbered Soar Icon PlantIcon FireIcon AirIcon Metal Rosegold Dragon 8 hours
Weeping Waterfall Icon AirIcon Plant Willow Dragon 2 hours
Well of Madness Icon PlantIcon FireIcon Air Trimera Dragon 16 hours
West Wind Warning Icon EarthIcon LightningIcon AirIcon Light Elysium Dragon 16 hours
Whistling Woods Icon PlantIcon Lightning Thistle Dragon 8 hours
Whitbee's Valley Icon ColdIcon FireIcon Earth Nosferatu Dragon 8 hours
Wicked Waves Icon PlantIcon ColdIcon LightIcon Water Wavelyte Dragon 16 hours
Wiggleswand Way Icon ColdIcon Lightning Tempest Dragon 8 hours
Wild Side Icon FireIcon Plant Motley Dragon 8 hours
Wimbledrip's Woe Icon ColdIcon Metal Coldforge Dragon 8 hours
Witchitoto Plains Icon LightningIcon Air Cyclone Dragon 8 hours
Wreaths Wrath Icon PlantIcon EarthIcon Cold Holly Dragon 8 hours
Writer's Block Bluff Icon AirIcon WaterIcon LightIcon Dark Muse Dragon 16 hours
Year of the Bull Icon EarthIcon LightningIcon FireIcon Metal Teidian Dragon 16 hours
Year of the Dragon Icon WaterIcon EarthIcon FireIcon Air Panlong Dragon 8 hours
Yogo Gulch Icon EarthIcon AirIcon ColdIcon Water Sapphire Dragon 16 hours
Zesty Zephyr Icon AirIcon Light Wind Dragon 2 hours

  • These quests were released between the time Kairos and Gaia were released.
Quest (Name) Elements Recommended
Berrywhite Mountains Icon FireIcon Lightning Scorch Dragon / Firefly Dragon / Love Dragon / Butterfly Dragon / Leathery Dragon / Bicentennial Dragon / Garland Dragon
Blitzenwood Icon PlantIcon Lightning Cactus Dragon / Ash Dragon / Love Dragon / Bloom Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Garland Dragon / Faire Dragon / Lycan Dragon / Neoteric Dragon
Blizzard's Breath Icon ColdIcon Air Snow Dragon / Blizzard Dragon
Boneyard Caldera Icon EarthIcon Fire Lava Dragon / Obsidian Dragon / Bone Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Sakura Dragon / Paper Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Carnival Dragon / Leathery Dragon / Nosferatu Dragon / Gourd Dragon / Coal Dragon / Garland Dragon / Trick Dragon / Ortreat Dragon
Burning Winds Icon FireIcon Air Blazing Dragon / Smoke Dragon / Inferno Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Butterfly Dragon / Firework Dragon / Rose Dragon / Bicentennial Dragon
Cadberry Fields Icon LightningIcon Air Sonic Dragon / Thunder Dragon / Butterfly Dragon / Liberty Dragon / Kite Dragon / Bicentennial Dragon
Canyon of Confusion Icon LightIcon Air Wind Dragon / Hypnotic Dragon / Halo Dragon
The Dragonwallow Icon EarthIcon Water Mud Dragon / River Dragon / Geode Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Century Dragon / Terradiem Dragon / Tidal Dragon / Harvest Dragon
Drizzlemist Heights Icon WaterIcon Air Fog Dragon / Rain Dragon / Panlong Dragon / Terradiem Dragon
Dungeon of the Deep Icon DarkIcon Fire Watch Dragon / Dungeon Dragon / Gourd Dragon
Frozen Pond Icon ColdIcon Water Ice Dragon / Iceberg Dragon / Century Dragon
Greenwood Forest Icon PlantIcon Earth Moss Dragon / Tree Dragon / Forest Dragon / Clover Dragon / Sakura Dragon / Paper Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon / Carnival Dragon / Arbor Dragon / Gourd Dragon / Garland Dragon / Trick Dragon / Ortreat Dragon / Harvest Dragon / Feast Dragon / Holly Dragon
Hall of Reflection Icon LightIcon Metal Palladium Dragon / Radiant Dragon / Mirror Dragon
Hemlock Gardens Icon PlantIcon Fire Poison Dragon / Flower Dragon / Pepper Dragon / Love Dragon / Sakura Dragon / Paper Dragon / Gift Dragon / Rose Dragon / Motley Dragon / Bouquet Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Carnival Dragon / Gourd Dragon / Garland Dragon / Trick Dragon / Ortreat Dragon / Regift Dragon
The Iron Crag Icon EarthIcon Metal Iron Dragon / Scoria Dragon / Bearded Dragon
Lodestone Peak Icon LightningIcon Metal Magnetic Dragon / Copper Dragon / Lodestone Dragon / Liberty Dragon / Kite Dragon / Faire Dragon
Maddening Marsh Icon DarkIcon Water Abyss Dragon / Ooze Dragon / Tidal Dragon
Mermaid's Garden Icon PlantIcon Water Seaweed Dragon / Swamp Dragon / Bouquet Dragon / Harvest Dragon
Mount Dumme Icon FireIcon Metal Brass Dragon / Forge Dragon / Sulfur Dragon
Mount Spectre Icon EarthIcon Cold Mountain Dragon / Glacier Dragon / Arctic Dragon / Paper Dragon / Ghost Dragon / Century Dragon / Bearded Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon / Leathery Dragon / Nosferatu Dragon / Spectre Dragon / Holly Dragon
Northern Exposure Icon PlantIcon Cold Lichen Dragon / Evergreen Dragon / Reindeer Dragon / Bloom Dragon / Paper Dragon / Gift Dragon / Mistletoe Dragon / Faire Dragon / Lycan Dragon / Holly Dragon / Regift Dragon
Prismatic Rift Icon EarthIcon Lightning Quake Dragon / Crystal Dragon / Cotton Dragon / Leathery Dragon / Tidal Dragon / Garland Dragon
Ruins of Alsvitheim Icon ColdIcon Metal Mine Dragon / Steel Dragon / Bearded Dragon / Faire Dragon
Shining Field Icon LightIcon Plant Meadow Dragon / Luminous Dragon / Feast Dragon / Neoteric Dragon
Stormy Way Icon ColdIcon Lightning Storm Dragon / Hail Dragon / Tempest Dragon / Bloom Dragon / Leathery Dragon / Faire Dragon / Lycan Dragon
The Undergloom Icon DarkIcon Earth Root Dragon / Cave Dragon / Gourd Dragon / Tidal Dragon
The Weeping Wood Icon PlantIcon Air Pollen Dragon / Willow Dragon / Orchid Dragon / Rose Dragon

Perch of Kairos

The Perch of Kairos can be built by earning parts by completing Quests

Time Prize on the Chronolith Prize on the Time Claw Prize on the Statue of Kairos
2 hours Coin template 150k or NewExperienceIcon 7mil to 30mil depending on current level Coin template 150k or NewExperienceIcon 7mil to 30mil depending on current level Coin template 150k or Treat template 5,000 or NewExperienceIcon 30,000k
3 hours Bottom Right piece Top Left piece

Bottom Right (Tail)

4 hours Bottom Center piece Top Center piece Top Right (Wing)
6 hours Bottom Left piece Center piece Bottom Center (Feet)
9 hours Center piece Top Right piece Bottom Left (Hand/Orb)
13 hours Top Right piece Bottom Right piece Center (Torso)
18 hours Top Left piece Bottom Center Top Center (Neck)
24 hours Top Center piece Bottom Left piece Top Left (Head)

Quest Results

Quest results vary at the end of each quest in regards to which rewards are received.

The same quest may result in a different reward or amount of the reward regardless of using the same dragon as a previous attempt.

Rewards include treats, dragoncash, experience, and artifacts.

If the player has built the Perch of Kairos and obtained Kairos already then artifacts will not result as a reward.

Using an epic dragon will usually result in a two hour quest; otherwise the quest lengths seem to be randomly generated.

Time Prize
2 hours Coin template 150,000,Treat template 5,000, or NewExperienceIcon depending on current level
3 hours Coin template 150,000,Treat template 10,000, or NewExperienceIcon depending on current level
4 hours Coin template 150,000,