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Important Effective October 9, 2013
Shrines Began to Serve No Purpose Other Than to Be Decorative

  • Bronze Plant ShrineGo to Plant_Shrine
  • Silver Plant ShrineGo to Plant_Shrine
  • Gold Plant ShrineGo to Plant_Shrine
  • Bronze Earth ShrineGo to Earth_Shrine
  • Silver Earth ShrineGo to Earth_Shrine
  • Gold Earth ShrineGo to Earth_Shrine
  • Bronze Fire ShrineGo to Fire_Shrine
  • Silver Fire ShrineGo to Fire_Shrine
  • Gold Fire ShrineGo to Fire_Shrine
  • Bronze Cold ShrineGo to Cold_Shrine
  • Silver Cold ShrineGo to Cold_Shrine
  • Gold Cold ShrineGo to Cold_Shrine
  • Bronze Lightning ShrineGo to Lightning_Shrine
  • Silver Lightning ShrineGo to Lightning_Shrine
  • Gold Lightning ShrineGo to Lightning_Shrine
  • Bronze Water ShrineGo to Water_Shrine
  • Silver Water ShrineGo to Water_Shrine
  • Gold Water ShrineGo to Water_Shrine
  • Bronze Air ShrineGo to Air_Shrine
  • Silver Air ShrineGo to Air_Shrine
  • Gold Air ShrineGo to Air_Shrine
  • Bronze Metal ShrineGo to Metal_Shrine
  • Silver Metal ShrineGo to Metal_Shrine
  • Gold Metal ShrineGo to Metal_Shrine

Shrines are decorations which commemorate your progress by recording the number of dragons of each element which have been raised to level 10, 15 and 20. They are no longer required in order to level your dragons.

There are currently eight elemental shrines. Currently, there is no shrine for the light and dark elements, or for the epic dragons .

Shrine Available
Plant Level 18
Earth Level 19
Fire Level 20
Cold Level 21
Lightning Level 22
Water Level 23
Air Level 24
Metal Level 25

Original Appearance

  • Old Plant ShrineGo to Plant Shrine
  • Old Earth ShrineGo to Earth Shrine
  • Old Fire ShrineGo to Fire Shrine
  • Old Cold ShrineGo to Cold Shrine
  • Old Lightning ShrineGo to Lightning Shrine
  • Old Water ShrineGo to Water Shrine
  • Old Air ShrineGo to Air Shrine
  • Old Metal ShrineGo to Metal Shrine
  • Old Silver Plant Shrine
  • Old Silver Earth Shrine
  • Old Silver Fire Shrine
  • Old Silver Cold Shrine
  • Old Silver Lightning Shrine
  • Old Silver Water Shrine
  • Old Silver Air Shrine
  • Old Silver Metal Shrine
  • Old Gold Plant Shrine
  • Old Gold Fire Shrine
  • Old Gold Earth Shrine
  • Old Gold Cold Shrine
  • Old Gold Lightning Shrine
  • Old Gold Water Shrine
  • Old Gold Air Shrine
  • Old Gold Metal Shrine
  • On February 22, 2013, the shrines got a new look.
  • This affects all of the stages: bronze, silver and gold.
  • The original appearance of bronze shrines were introduced when Backflip Studios introduced shrines.
  • The original appearance of silver shrines were introduced in December 2011 when bronze shrines became upgradable.
  • The original appearance of gold shrines were introduced in January 2012 when silver shrines became upgradable.


  • A shrine's counter is cumulative, even after the dragons are sold.
  • Any dragons that are already level 10 when a shrine is purchased will count towards the total.
  • When you level up 50 dragons of a shrine's respective element to level 10 then shrine will become silver. 
  • When you level up 50 dragons of a shrine's respective element to level 15 then the shrine will become gold. 
  • Once a dragon reaches level 11, it receives an orb of its primary element above its head.
    • Once a dragon reaches level 20 it receives a rotating golden crown.
  • Effective February 19, 2013, shrines can be upgraded to Silver and Gold using gems.
    • Shrines can be upgraded to Silver for 1/2 a number of gems equal to the number of dragons needed to upgrade the shrine, rounded up to the next gems, or 25 gems if none have reached level 10.
    • Shrines can be upgraded to Gold for a number of gems equal to the number of dragons needed to upgrade the shrine, or 50 gems if none have reached level 15.
  • On February 22, 2013, the shrines got a new look. This affects all of the stages: bronze, silver and gold. 
  • Dragons at level 15 and higher give better odds in breeding "rare" dragons; the odds increase as the level increases.
  • Shrines cannot be sold.
  • On October 9, 2013, the function of shrines changed.
    • Leveling dragons no longer requires shrines. Most dragons can be leveled up to a players park level, to a maximum of level 20. Epic dragons and gemstone dragons are still currently limited to level 10.
    • Players received a one-time gift for each shrines they have leveled. Silver shrines rewards players with 15 gems and 250,000 treats. Gold shrines will reward players with 40 gems and 1,000,000 treats. Note: Players will only be rewarded with gems and treats if they had leveled them before the 2.0 update.
  • Shrines are still available in the game as a special decoration that counts your dragons.

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