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Special promotions in DragonVale are opportunities Backflip Studios makes available to players for a limited time. These can include free gifts, discounted items in the market, or other special items. Sometimes the special promotions are only available for one App Store.

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Double Iceberry Weekend Bonus Gem
Sale 2015

Double Iceberry Weekend

  • Double Iceberry Weekend Facebook Notification
  • Double Iceberry Weekend Facebook Message
  • Countdown Timer
  • Special Icon for Market Menu
  • Special Icon for Treasure Section

Backflip Studios issued a special promotion for DragonVale players on January 9, 2015 during the Season of Goodies Event.

The special promotion began on January 9, 2014 (UTC). This gave players an opportunity to get twice as much as iceberries from participating in the event as usual.

The discounted price only lasted for 72 hours over the course of four reset cycles at the Crystal Castle.

The special promotion began 10.5 hours into the 24 hour cycle, and multiple players were unable to take full advantage of this special promotion on the first day.

The special promotion ended 10.5 hours into the 24 hour cycle on the last day.

In addition to these messages Backflip Studios reused the special icon for the market button deal.

Bonus Gem Sale 2015

  • Bonus Gem Sale Facebook Notification January 2015
  • Bonus Gem Sale Facebook Message January 2015
  • Bonus Gem Sale In Game Notification January 2015
  • Gem Prices 1
  • Gem Prices 2
  • Countdown Timer
  • Special Icon for Market Menu
  • Special Icon for Treasure Section

Backflip Studios issued a special promotion on January 25, 2015 for DragonVale players.

The special promotion happened on January 25, 2015, and is scheduled to end on January 28, 2015 lasting 72 hours.

When the special promotion started, the Treasure section had a countdown timer above its card. This told players exactly how much time they have left to buy the gems for a discounted price.

Backflip Studios gave every player an opportunity to purchase 20% to 60% more gems than usual for the price in the market.

The gem bonus depended on the quantity of gems being purchased. The least expensive bundle had a 20% bonus, and the second largest and largest bundles had a 60% bonus.


  • Whenever there is a special promotion in DragonVale, a pop-up message would appear on the screen upon game loading. The message card would appear whenever a player launches his/her application or returning back to their park after visiting a friends park.
    • As of July 18, 2014, the pop-up message would only appear once per day when there is a special promotion.
    • As of August 1, 2014, the appearing of pop-up message would follow the original rule.

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