The Great Nogard is a bot account owned by Backflip Studios that is automatically added to a player's friends list located in the Social menu.

The Great Nogard is listed as level 1 on the list, but if the park is visited then it will be a fair few levels higher then whoever is visiting

In The Great Nogard's park his name is listed as "Wizard Nogard" and displays having:

  • Coin template 42,984,882
  • Gem template 35,844,279
  • Treat template 3,393,575,005

The Park

In his park he has six standard islands, the Perch of Kairos with Kairos, the Epic Breeding Sanctuary, a starting tier Gemstone Island, and the Dragonarium.

Below is a list of which habitats with which dragons are in them, which decorations/obstacles, which egg pedestals, and which buildings are on each island.

The recorded levels for each dragon can be seen by clicking on a habitat the dragon is located in or viewing it in the Dragonarium.

Starting Island - 2nd Island - 3rd Island - 4th Island - 5th Island - 6th Island - Gemstone Island

Gifting Gems

Players are unable to gift gems to The Great Nogard, but if a player is level 10 or lower then The Great Nogard will gift the player a gem.


  • Gifting Attempt Message (New)
  • Gifting Attempt Message


  • The Great Nogard was added as part of a tutorial update to help players learn how to use the friends list and gift gems.
    • Android received the update on November 6, 2014, and Apple received the update on December 1, 2014
  • "Nogard" is "Dragon" backwards.
  • The Great Nogard can offer all the Galaxy Dragons for breeding in the Cooperative Breeding Cave.

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