• Hi guys, I've done a new guide up on how to optimize boosts which includes dark and light boosts, unfortunately I'm having some issues with the wiki, when I try and post it thinks I'm spam, for now I've posted it on my old gaming site until I can get wikia working, please let me know what you think, comments and questions are welcome I'll update as I go.


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    • Managed to get it to post here, just not in blog format.

      First off a big thank you to Jboss1217 for his Optimization page found HERE

      So from that point I've built up a new optimization method, which I'm still tweaking but thought I would share as I go.

      Assumptions I've made when building this system:

      • You are high enough level to get giant habitats of each type (Level 34
      • You keep 2 of each dragon (this is what I do, 1 baby version 1 adult)
      • You have a MINIMUM of 5 islands to work with (6 if you have a fair # of rare habitats or decorations)

      Factors I took into consideration include:

      • Max amount of money the habitat holds
        • #1 Metal ($200,000)
        • #2 Dark ($175,000)
        • #3 Earth ($150,000)
        • #4 Light ($125,000)
        • #5 Air/Cold/Water ($100,000)
        • #6 Fire ($75,000)
        • #7 Lightning/Plant ($50,000)
      • Boosts on each island
      • Space for giant habitats on each island

      So the premise is: it is better to have 2 boosts per island as any dragon that has both boosts does make better money, so why strand a boost on an island by itself.
      You don't want to have any negative effects on hybrids because of the 2nd island boost. Only time this is unavoidable is when you have an opposites dragon unless you put a habitat on a neutral island. I have done this in 1 case with my frostfire and bluefire dragons, they are on island #3 and I filled in the habitat with hybrids that get a boost from that island. We also have to consider that some habitat types (such as earth) you will want a lot of since they make good money, this means we can't pair it with another habitat that takes a lot of space or you just simply will run out of room on that island. Also care has been taken that you don't have a dragon that can't be placed with atleast 1 of its boosts without getting a negative from the other boost on the island.

      Here is a simple list of the island numbers I use and which boosts are on them (for use in the charts below)

      <tbody> </tbody>
      Island Habitats
      / Boosts
      #1 Lightning & Metal Water & Plant
      #2 Earth & Plant Air & Metal
      #3 Fire & Dark Cold & Light
      #4 Water & Light Lightning & Dark
      #5 Air & Cold Earth & Fire

      Table below shows which habitat you should put each type of hybrid in. so example a Earth plant hybrid should go on an earth habitat.

      <tbody> </tbody>
      Plant Earth Fire Cold Lightning Water Air Metal Light Dark
      Plant X Earth Fire Cold Plant Water Air Metal
      Light Dark
      Earth Earth X Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth
      Metal Earth Dark
      Fire Fire Earth X Cold
      Fire Water Fire* Metal Light Dark
      Cold Cold Earth Cold
      X Cold Water
      or Cold
      Air or
      Metal Light Cold*
      Lightning Plant Earth Fire Cold X Water
      Air Metal Lightning* Dark
      Water Water Earth Water Water
      or Cold
      X Water
      Water* Light Dark
      Air Air Earth
      Fire* Cold
      or Air
      Air Water
      or Air
      X Metal Light Dark
      Metal Metal
      Metal Metal Metal Metal Water* Metal X Metal Metal
      Light Light Earth Light Light Lightning* Light Light Metal X Dark
      Dark Dark Dark Dark Cold* Dark Dark Dark Metal Dark

      Notes on table: if it says (opposite) there is no avoiding a +/- unless placed on a neutral island, I've listed which of the 2 habitats is preferable based on money capacity.
      * means you want it on that island, but using the other habitat if you have 5 to make it worth while. Example a light/lightning hybrid has to go on the lightning island but if you have 5 you can place a light habitat on the lightning island so you get better cash from it.

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    • This looks like a great list. I wish I had known of it when I first started rearranging my habitats/islands. Would have saved me a bit of a headache.

      Thus far, I just received my 7th island. As I'm currently doing the Magic Eggs Easter event, I'm holding off with the rearranging but thus far, the setup will be thus:

      Island 1: water / cold / moon
      Island 2: fire / metal / sun
      Island 3: plant / air / light
      Island 4: earth / lightning / dark
      Island 5: olympus / apocalypse
      Island 6: treasure / seasonal
      Island 7: rainbow

      If I manage to collect enough Magic Eggs to get the Lost Island, I'll place my Gemstone habitat on it. Eventually I'll obtain the remaining 3 islands as I level up and I'll probably dedicate one island to dark, one to light, and one to sun and moon unless BFS happens to add some new goodies/elements/etc., within the next 25 levels yet I have to go before maxing out.

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    • Aren't Panlongs still the highest earning dragon when boosted correctly? I'm curious why you have Fire and Dark together instead of Fire and Water for your Panlongs.

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    • The spreadsheet I created and made public recently can help you optimize your booster placement. Check my profile for the download linkĀ :-)

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    • paper earns better

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