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  • Did you ever find an "understandable" answer to your post about you and your son playing on two devices? We have two players on three devices here, so if you are not clear I can maybe explain.

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    • Near as I could figure it out, I should have a separate GameCenter account. I hope to get my iPhone next week, so I went ahead and got a Gmail address so when I get my iPhone, I'll use that Gmail address to set up my GameCenter account and my son will continue to use our home email. He's 8, so it's good for us to see what sorts of emails he's getting. Looks like he could play on my iPhone when I get it if I log out of my GameCenter account and log him in. Sounds a little awkward but do-able. Is that about how it works for others? Thanks for responding, Katie! Playing as a team and using the advice from this Wiki, my son and I have built up an awesome park for him with a Bloom, Sakura, two Butterflies, an Emerald and another egg in the nursery - so I'll have a job to get my own park looking half as nice as his, but I'm looking forward to trying!

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    • Sounds like you got it! The logging in and out of GC is a little irritating, so you will probably find that you each just keep your own logged in on separate devices.

      One thing to watch for. When you add each other as friends in game center, you may have to power down your older device before it shows in both devices. GC can be glitchy that way.

      You should play with your GC set up on the original device this week to try for the two current limited dragons (emerald and butterfly)

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    • Brilliant idea, Katie, thanks!

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    • Hi I have been playing on a kindle fire and an android tablet. I want to be able to use my opposite dragons from one device to get them on the other using the 50% breeding rule that only possible outcomes will be either the basic or the target dragon you get them real easy this way  but  they don't show up unless I log out and back in on both devices which is a problem because once one of the parks had to be recovered and BFS still has the level 1 park active after restoring my park which ill have to email them about but my real question is what is the best device to play DV on through Facebook. I need to replace my android but still want to be able to friend my kindle account . This is the only way we can play together in our family. Any advice would be greatly appreciated 

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    • Sorry Jack, I play on Apple devices, so I can't tell you whether it's better to link your Kindle game or your Android game to FB. It seems like I've seen posts that games on Kindle devices receive updates slower than either Apple or Android devices (I've gathered that Amazon is slower to approve updates for devices on their platform). If you've experienced one device getting updates quicker than the other device, then it might make sense to link that device to FB. Or start an alternate FB account and link both devices to the two FB accounts.

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    • A Fandom user
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