Ts'aishen, the Legendary Vault Dragon


Available Level 20
Buy Gem template N/A
Sell N/A
Breeding Times N/A
Incubation Time N/A
Habitats Vault of Abundance Positive Boost Unaffected
Limited PERMANENT Rarity Status Legendary
Game Description
Sleeping for centuries, the legendary vault dragon Ts'aishen was finally roused from his slumber by the completion of the Token of Fire, Token of Luck, and the Binding of Prosperity. Drawn to your park, Ts'aishen can collect from all dragon habitats when provided with enough Abundant Essence.

Update Note: Ts'aishen does not have a Twin Dragon form due to the way it is acquired.

How to Acquire

Ts'aishen can only be acquired by summoning it. This can be accomplished by assembling three artifacts to upgrade the Vault of Abundance with Abundant Essence. The three artifacts are:

Alternatively, Ts'aishen can be summoned all at once with Abundant essence template 50,000.


Power Levels

Percentage of Capacity Bonus DragonCash:

Base Two Three Four Five
Six Seven Eight Nine Ten
Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen
Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty
Twenty-One Twenty-Two Twenty-Three Twenty-Four -

Automated Names

  • Ts'aishen


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  • Ts'aishen Facebook Announcement Post
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Art of DragonVale Ts'aishen The Vault Dragon

Art of DragonVale Ts'aishen The Vault Dragon


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