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Dark and Light Dragon Classes

Anvil555 April 15, 2012 User blog:Anvil555

Dear BackFlip Studio!

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This is the two classes of dragons I want to see in the later updates(someday). The Light dragon and Dark Dragon with possible names combos for each combo.


  • The dark hybrids egg color silver(unless they change the metal eggs to gray)
  • the light hybrids egg color gold-like



  • Dark and Plant = Vine/NightShade/Oleander
  • Dark and Earth = Core/Cave/Crater/Carbon
  • Dark and Water = Acid/Tsunami/Gui/Oil
  • Dark and Fire = Inferno/Nova/Fiery
  • Dark and Cold = Dusk/Arctic/Shiver
  • Dark and Air = Shadow/Twister/Blast/Haze
  • Dark and Lightning = Bolt/Shout/Grid
  • Dark and Metal = Obsidian/BlackKnight/Shard


  • Light and Plant = Eden/Garden/Sunflower
  • Light and Earth= Prism/Glass/Gaia
  • Light and Water= Holywater or Shimering/Fountain/Bubble
  • Light and Fire = Crimson/Phynix/Furnace
  • Light and Cold = Dawn/Soul/Glacial
  • Light and Air = Sky/Angel/Refresh/Fan
  • Light and Lightning = Flash/Spark/Swift/Moth
  • Light and Metal = Gilded/Titanium/Knight

New Dragon Class

  • Science and Dark =Void/Nulcear/Hyper
  • Science and Light =Medicine/Aurora
  • Magic and Dark = Spirit/Omen/Curse
  • Magic and Light = Cure/Aura
  • Mythical and Dark = Gargoyle/Vampire
  • Mythical and Light = Griffin/Fantasy
  • Ancient and Dark = Monster/Mummy
  • Ancient and Light = Hero/Talisman

Opposite combo

Dark and Light should make the following:

  • Yin Dragon *
  • Yang Dragon *
  • Miracle Dragon
  • Balance Dragon
  • Chaos Dragon
  • Karma Dragon
  • Shadowlight Dragon



  • Death Dragon
  • Fear Dragon
  • Yin Dragon
  • Black Dragon


  • Guardian Dragon
  • Hope Dragon
  • Yang Dragon
  • White Dragon

Working on element combo

This list is a list of hybrid, which I have not choose the element combos.

Multi Element Combo

  • Solar Dragon -(Science+Light+Fire)
  • Tar Dragon -(Water+Dark+Earth)
  • Wave Dragon -(Water+Earth+Light)
  • Jinx Dragon(Friday 13th) -Cold+Dark+Lightning (Limited Dragon)
  • Onix Dragon -Cold/Earth/Dark
  • Black Dragon- Dark/Lightning/Fire (Limited Dragon)
  • Phantom Dragon(Halloween) - Dark/Air/Cold (Limited Dragon)
  • Alien Dragon (Dark/Fire/Lightning/Air)
  • Fairy Dragon (Light+Magic+Plant+Air)
  • Pixie Dragon (Light+Plant+Air)
  • Neon Dragon (Lightning+Light+Metal)
  • Petal Dragon (Plant+Air)
  • Nightmare Dragon (Magic+Air+Dark)
  • Dream Dragon (Light+Air+Magic)



Small Dark Habitat

Cost: 1,500,000Coin template

Max Income: 20,000Coin template

Dragon Capacity: 2

Information: Featuring rocks and stones from the Amon Caverns, this habitat doesn't have a very happy feel. The only thing puzzling our wizards is why the rocks have shadows that are backwards! But I'm sure your dark dragons will like it!

DV Habitat-SmallLightLAP

Small Light Habitat

Cost: 1,500,000Coin template

Max Income: 15,000Coin template

Dragon Capacity: 2

Information: None

Currently Voting


Special Thanks

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