Rockscaling dragon

Earh+air+cold Although This dragon reasembles a bat,it loves the has a tail three times longer than it should uses the curved spikes on its tail as a grappleing hook.though they have huge wings, they rarely was thought that this dragon was the offspring of a sonic dragon,but it doesn't use lightning as one of its elements.

Fireswamp dragon

Fire+water This dragon is pretty much an alligator with wings and a huge horn on its comes from the flaming swamps of chukacha.these dragons may look grumpy but they are accually one of the most playful dragons around.the fireswamp dragon is accually a herbivore,it uses its razor teeth to rip off the bark of tree.just don't throw snowballs at it while it's eating.

Obsidian dragon

Earth+fire+water Wizards say its the most magical dragon ever,known to open portals.there are over a million obsidian dragons alive, but you rarely see them because they spend most of their time going through portals.we've trained them not to open portals in parks but you never know....

Wisdom dragon

Lightning+Water+cold This dragon's appearance is based off of the rainbow's, but they are nothing alike.the wisdom dragon is quite common and holds the wisdom of every is unknown how this mighty beast got so smart,but it is the smartest dragon you'll ever see.this dragon is even able to speak the human language!

Cotton dragon

Earth+plant+air With its soft fur and gentle touch, this dragon os sure to knock you out by just laying beside you.wisards say that every night, these dragons go into every village to comfort the homeless.wisards have been protecting them because people try to get the soft fur which is treasured my mpst people.having one in your park with help the species grow, and it will amaize visitors.

Plasma dragon

Fire+lightning+cold Although its appearance is very frightening, it tries its best to protect everyone it meets.these dragons are the most loyal dragons is also very sinsative, so whatever you do, don't say anything mean about it or yell at it or it'll start crying and you will feel horrible.

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