The Blog is Done but dont feel bad - a new blog is here at last

Of course, answering questions are hard, especially if you dont know the topic, so I decided to make a Quetion Blog for....everything. Plus there also be badges. Any Anons will get credit here since I can not send them badges.

Purple Crobat Badge of Excellence- Answer one Question Right

Purple Crobat Badge of Excellence

Pink Crobat Badge of Excellence- Answer 5 Question Right

New Pkne crobat badge of excellence

Red Crobat Badge of Excellence- Answer 10 Questions Right

Red Crobat Badge of Excellence

Golden Crobat Badge of Excellence- Answer 20 Questions Right

Golden Crobat Badge of Excellence

All right lets go

Question 1

List all the dragons with the elements plant and earth.

Answer: Tree, Moss, Clover, Sakura, Paper

Winner: TheWizardz

Question 2

Who are the four narrators in the book, The Mark of Athena, by Rick Riordan?

Answer: Percy, Annabeth, Piper, Leo


Question 3

Which dragon can not be bred to get?

Answer: Kairos


Question 4

What is NaCl?

Winner: DarkDellusions

Answer: Salt

Question 5

What is the breeding time for Lightning?

Winner: DarkDellusions

Answer: 30 minutes

Question 6

Who is the main character from Army of Darkness Defense?

Winner: White Kyurem

Answer: Ash

Question 7

Where can you find a Red Gyarados in SoulSilver and what level is it?

Winner: Eclipse58

Answer: Lake of Rage; 30

Question 8

What type of Pokemon does Norman use in Hoenn? Remember, I want the type, not the names.

Winner: TasBlader

Answer: Normal

Question 9

Which 786 member of this Wiki is also a Chat Mod?

Winner: Br318, Techno Fox

Answer: Pickle786

Question 10

Who created this Wiki?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: NLeone

Question 11

What type is the Pokemon, Arceus?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Normal; all types

Question 12

What kind of rock is Sandstone?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Sedimentary

Question 13

Name both Halloween dragons.

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Ghost and Bone

Question 14

What is the biggest limited decoration?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Tower Hollow

Question 15

How much gems is the Epic Breeding Island?

Winner: Anon

Answer: 125

Question 16

What Pokemon only appears in Fridays in Valley Windworks in Diamond and Pearl?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Drifloon

Question 17

What was the first battle of the Civil War?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Battle of Fort Sumnter

Question 18

Sove x: 2x + 3= 14

Winner: Anon

Answer: 5.5

Question 19

Who were the last three players 74th Hunger Games?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Katniss, Cato, and Peeta

Question 20

What is the Snorlax blocking in Pokemon Soulsilver and Heartgold?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Route 11; Diglett Cave

Question 21

What combination is necessary to get a Peridot Dragon?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Crystal and Cactus

Question 22

How can you get Malachite Dragon?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Metal and plant hybrid

Question 23

In Army of Darkness Defense, who are the villains?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Deadites

Question 24

What is the upgraded form of the Sunflower in Plants Vs. Zombies?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Twin Sunflower

Question 25

Which member of the fellowship in The Lord of the Rings, dies?

Winner: Issy222

Answer: Boromir

Question 26

What was the first Gemstone Dragon?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Emerald Dragon

Question 27

What is the supernatural creature in the Lichen Dragon's description?

Winner: Anon

Answer: Lychan

Question 28

What is the cheapest dragon? How much is it worth?

Winner: Issy222; Anon

Answer: Earth Dragon; 75 dragon cash

Question 29

What is poryphobia?

Winner: No one; cancelled question

Answer: the fear of the color purple

Question 30

What is AU?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Gold

Question 31

What are the two ways to get pieces for the Artifacts in the Perch of Kairos?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Dragon Track; Gems

Question 32

What is the capital of India?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: New Delhi

Question 33

What is the name of the satyr that helped Jason, Piper, and Leo in the book, The Lost Hero, by Rick Riordan?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: Coach Hedge

Question 34

Who killed Dumbledore in the Harry Potter series, by J.K. Rowling?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: Snape

Question 35

Name the two methods to evolve Eevee into Umbreon? (One is the normal way, the other is only available in one game.)

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: Level up at night with full happiness; Moon Shard

Question 36

What are the elements for the Panlong Dragon?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water

Question 37

How old must you be to vote in the United States?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: 18

Question 38

Name the two Staff Members of DV Wiki, who are part of Khaos.

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: LiberKhaos; KatieKhaos

Question 39

What month is the Wiki's anniversity?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: September

Question 40

How much inches are in a mile?

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: 36,360

Question 41

Name an irrational number.

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Pi

Question 42

Name a rational number.

Winner: Emerilla

Answer: 9/6; any number that can be written in a/b form

Question 43

What habitat has the quickest building time?

Winner: Adriano 25

Answer: Small Plant Habitat

Question 44

What is the highest level a Rainbow Dragon can get to?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: 10

Question 45

What is the opposite of Lightning?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Water

Question 46

Who won in the Battle of Trenton?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Continental Army; Patriots

Question 47

What were the four border states during the Civil War?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Maryland, Delaware, Missouri, Kentucky

Question 48

What are the first two opposite dragon?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Blue Fire, Sandstorm

Question 49

What is the heaviest element in the periodic table?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Unoctanium

Question 50

What is Stage 2 of the Perch of Kairos?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Time Claw

Question 51

What does Octavian sacrafice to learn prophecies in the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Stuffed Animals

Question 52

Who wrote the book, The Outsiders?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: S.E. Hinton

Question 53

What is the cheapest Uncommon Hybrid?

Winner: JumboNinjaDragon

Answer: Obsidian Dragon

Well, sorry everyone i cdont have time for this blog....thanks for the experience


TheWizardz-1, Bnm786-1, JumboNinjaDragon- 12, DarkDelusions-2, White Kyurem-1, TasBlader-1, Eclipse58-1, Techno Fox-1, Bre-1, Adriano 25-9, Emerilla- 11, Issy222-1

Hall of Fame

Whoever gets Gold enters the Hall of Fame.

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