Money, Money, Money.

In one of my earlier posts, I made the following two comments:

  • Think about money. Money becomes very important. I wish I had started the Panlong park much earlier.
  • Think about food. Every treat farm should be going non-stop from the time you get it. It takes 337,000 treats to move a level 10 dragon to a level 15. That is about $18,000,000 in dragon cash. See comment about money.

My current approach for the last several months has been Panlong park stragery.  I have 14 Large Earth Habitats with 42 Panlong Dragons.  They are all level 15 with the Fire Boost and Water Boost.  This approach provides $1,050,000 of Dragoncash every 62 minutes.  This is $1233/min per habitat.  The challenge is you have to check DV every 62 minutes.  This approach is available to anyone as Panlong Dragons are available to anyone.  If you are not familiar with the strategy you can read in detail about it here:  Panlong Waterpark Strategy.  

The Panlong Strategy also supports the obtaining of Gold Shrines for Earth, Fire, Air and Water.  I liked this approach.

Then DV released the Sun Habitat Large Sun Habitat .  This allowed 3 dragons with a Max Dragoncash of $1,250,000.  With three Solstice Dragons at Level 10, I can earn $948/min.  While the Solsitice method is $285/min less than the Panlongs, the Large Sun Habitat holds more Dragoncash.  I only have to collect the money every 22 hours. (21 hours and 58 minutes for the detailed players.) 

I did consider the Rainbow Dragon stragery with the new Large Rainbow Habitat.  The Large RainBro can only hold 2 dragons which only earn $800/min.  The Solstice method earns $148/min is more.

Which stragery is right for you?  How often can you check DV.  If you can check DV every hour on the hour more than 16 times a day, then the Panlong strategy is best for you.  If you can only check DV a couple times a day, then the Solstice/Large Sun Habitat is for you.

Of course you can mix up the Large Moon Habitat with the Large Sun Habitat.  You can also interchange the following dragons which earn $316/min at level 10:  Blue Moon DragonSolstice DragonSolar Eclipse Dragon and the Lunar Eclipse Dragon.  

Since all the limited dragons can breed with one another, you only need two of them to get started.

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