Science/Magic Introductory

These are the dragons that I hope will go on DragonVale. I have included SynergyShade3624's drawings, Anvil555's idea about Light/Dark Elements, Wood-Chi and BlazingLightFire's huge habitat idea, ShadowBlade82's idea about Ancient & Mythical Elements and Liberkhaos' supertype idea (normal element+same normal element). Note: ~: getting voted and |:getting voted at Anvil555's blog and ^ : getting voted at ShadowBlade3624's blog

Hybrid Dragons

Three Element Dragons



SynergyShade3624's Dragons

Dragons Without Elements


Currently Voting


Information/Special Thanks

The Science/Magic element dragons have a high earning rates (Normal:9-20, Rares:20-35). That's why they're available at level 20 and why the habitats cost so much, hold a lot of income and doesn't have a high capacity at the begining. Please comment and tell me your ideas! I also request that someone draw/make the habitats and Magic/Science dragons (Not all of them, just mainly the main element and maybe opposite/supertype). I also want to thank some users and some Anons for giving me ideas in Dear Backflip Studios! and here. Also, I want to thank Liberkhaos for giving me permission to post links on his blog and showing me how to add voting & the show/hide buttons. I want to thank ShadowBlade3624 for letting me use Ancient/Mythical elements and SynergyShade3624 for drawing some pictures of some dragons. Finally, I want to thank Anvil555 for using my idea for his blog and for drawing the dragons.

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